AP Literature and Composition Assignment

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved to read. The books were a bridge where the characters and I met and and had an insane connection. My Journey with Literature has brought me to a point where I would love to explore deeper Into the subject. I would Like your consideration to Join the AP Literature and Composition class. Below, I will describe why I should be In the class, what I hope to gain from the class, and my favorite book. I hope that after reading this essay, you will be convinced why I would be a great contribution in the world of writing and in your class.

Taking AP Lit is very important to me because reading and writing brings me great happiness. I love all types of Literature. It makes me feel excited and it gives me adrenaline. In third grade, the stories I read began to give me a wider span of imagination. I then began to write. The stories started off as short little mythical tales of what I dreamt of, or what I read in books. As I got older, the stories started to expand in length and in idea. Books gave me an escape from all of the worries in the world. It gave me a chance to dive into another world. It Is an experience of new life ND new adventures.

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The stories only aid In my writing more and more. I cannot wait to Indulge In Literature and Composition for this class. I strongly feel that this class will give be a good foundation for whatever my Job may be In the future. Communication Is key for a class discussion, which I can contribute quite well. I love taking the message from each book, and discussing it. Exploring our imagination as a class can only lead Ramirez 2 to amazing things, and I would love to be apart of the piece of art that will be created. There is so many different genres of art and interpreting them is my favorite thing to do.

By communicating my opinion to other students, we can have discussions on the pieces we read. I hope to pursue a career in writing. Literature is essential to my career aspirations. Writing is my deep passion and I receive my passion from books. Recently, I have been inspired to write about personal experiences. I am new to writing from my personal life, and I would love to study how other authors are able to make beautiful stories from their own lives. Call me cliche, but my favorite book of the moment Is The Fault In Our Stars. Yes, cost teenage girls are bound to read this book.

There is a movie coming out soon and the actor who plays Augustus is good looking as some say. Let me say, it pulls at the heart and will bring make you an emotional roller coaster. John Green has an amazing way of putting his work together. The story of Hazel Grace Lancaster Just tears down your wall and leaves you vulnerable. If you have not read this, I strongly suggest you do. The book is raw, and the fact that the story could be completely real makes it even better. I find myself making a connection to Hazel, even though she has cancer, and I do not.

The Fault in Our Stars is only one of the many books of the amazing John Green. I was awestruck once I finished this book. I am completely honest In saying that this book has changed the way I see things. If you ever get a chance to read It, I would bring some tissues along for the ride. I hope to gain the emotion of Harper Lee when he wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. The imagination of Scott Fitzgerald of when he wrote all of the details of The Great and only increase my skills for the future. I hope that you consider me for this class and cannot wait for what is in store.

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