Human Resource Management Assignment

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A duty is several distinct tasks that are performed by an individual to complete a work activity. True 4 A job is a combination of occupations based on the skills, effort, and responsibilities required by the jobs.. Gales 5. Batteries refer to the physical and mental capacities needed to perform tasks requiring the use of tools, equipment, and machinery. False 6.

Job-analysis methods are denaturized and cannot be designed to fit any one particular organization’s jobs. False 7. At is possible to perform a job analysis that eyelids information about the worker requirements and the job requirements. False 8. Managers should not consider using a number of different methods of data collection because it is unlikely that any number of methods will provide all the necessary information needed for a job analysis. False jojoba description describes the qualifications of the person required to perform the job. False 1 0. Job analysis can be used to identify training and development needs, but not selection needs.

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True 11 . Deciding focus recruiting efforts at women and minorities is a strategic choice an organization can make. False 12. Making employees” refers to hiring more highly skilled workers and then training them for the job they will perform in the particular organization. False 13. Organizations can make a strategic decision to control higher costs only after determining the approximate cost per hire. True 14. Companies frequently use a variety of internal and external recruiting strategies to locate and hire their workers. True 1 5. Bib bidding is an external method of recruiting and selection. False 16.

Clatteringly and specifically defined advertisements will dissuade unqualified applicants from applying for a job . True 17. Temporary workers and employee leasing are two methods of lowering recruitment costs. True 18. Negligent hiring occurs when an employer fails to adds tautly verify an employee’s background and is held liable when that employee injured a third party True 19. Creativity, anxiety, motivation, and intelligence are all characteristics of a content validity.

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