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Along with the organization, it can be applied for any business or for the entire nation. Human Resource can be considered as the function which is used for implementing and charging strategies in the organization. It has the responsibility of making the policies in relation with the student management.

Introduction to Recruitment Section Recruitment section in the Human Resource Department is the one which is eely responsible for the recruitment of the employees in the company or the organization. It has the responsibility for hiring and firing of the employees. And also attracting all the prospective candidates for the right job at the right place and time. Its sets the final compensation of the employees and also whatever extra perks to be given to them. Recruitment Section is considered as one of the most important section of human resource.

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Unlike what it was five years ago, the demands of the employees of every airline company has raised of its initial standards. As using airlines today has hanged from being a luxury to a necessity, airline companies now are prospering at a much higher rate than what they used to a few years ago. It can be understood that an increased customer satisfaction in terms of both quality and quantity can take place only with an increased work delivered by the employees. This is the reason that the demands of the employees have also increased in a span of less than three years.

Emirates Airlines had an advantage over other airline companies that its employees were convinced with lower salaries. Even the Indian and Pakistani expatriates were paid elatedly lesser than what the other airlines paid their counterparts in western countries. Today, with the success of Emirate Airlines, this would not be feasible anymore. The top management of the company which includes the traditional sheikhs of the region would take time to be convinced by the fact that the employees’ salaries should be raised. In the meanwhile, one can see a high turnover rate in the company’s HER department.

So, if one relates this to the two-factor theory of motivation, one would realize that the reasons which had caused immense satisfaction for the employees five years ago are he same for dissatisfaction today. There is certainly a drawback related to the employee appraisal policy which Emirates would have to work upon so that they can continue with their rising spree. As AJAX has abundance Of tourism inviting flight utility for wide stretches of time, the HER department would have to re-frame its strategies to reduce a high turnover rate, decrease absenteeism and most importantly sort out job dissatisfaction. Maurice Flagman’s Emirates Airline: Flying High and Treating Customers like Sheikhs, 2007) Justification for Choice of Project As the employees are the backbone to customer satisfaction, therefore emirates should have a very good HER recruitment process, that will help them select good employees that will enhance the image of emirates and provides the best services to the customers, as the HER recruitment process is important so as the employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction I. . Knowing the reasons for employee dissatisfaction (or satisfaction as the case might be), and as emirates is one of the leading airlines of the world therefore it will need more and more workforce in the terms of cabin crews, ground staff, chemical staff, pilots and other posts. Understanding the HER recruitment process of emirates airways would give a detailed understanding of the HER recruiting processes and the related advantages/disadvantages and other factors.

Specified and SMART objectives The objective fifths research is to find out the HER recruiting policies and processes in Emirates Airlines, and to find the factors that affect this process. This objective can be shown in reference to SMART objectives as follows: Examine the current system of recruitment and selection used at Emirates Airlines for employees (Specific) Compare the current system with a model of best practice(Measurable) Identify strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment and selection process (Attainable) Make recommendations for improvements. Realistic) Explanation of Intended Outcome (Time Bound) The HER recruiting process of emirates airlines is somewhat not favorable for the employees that the company recruit because the company is using techniques that have a very selective procedure I. E. The employees that emirates airlines recruit are very highly skilled and experienced persons, but he airlines are not paying enough to them as much as other airlines do, this gives rise to high employee dissatisfaction.

One of the most highly satisfied employee team of Emirates Airlines is facing problems which can have an adverse effect on the company’s performance. It is obvious that there are certain changes that the company needs to make to address this malfunctioning. The research looks to critically survey the company and eliminate such drawbacks and make recommendations to improve conditions. (SMART Objectives , 201 0) Literature Review HARM helps in improving the working environment of the company and works n benefit of the common employee to increase everyone’s performance to get better results.

HER professionals responsibilities vary from quality recruitment & hiring through giving world class training and experience, their role are very important in creating motivation for the employees. (Gold, 2001) They inspire the workers by implementing different policies like succession Strategy and leisure manager concept. Their task is to regularly analyze the activities of every employee all over the company and then promote them accordingly, also the incentive and increase in basic salary is done after the valuation process by HER specialists.

This Emirates Airline case throws light on the involvement of HER department with the line managers. It analyzes the simultaneous working capabilities of line managers and HER professionals. There come some problems in the working of line managers and HARM department when they try to interfere in each other’s working. In last some years it has been found that the roles of the line managers are being transferred much to HER department. (Hailstorm) HER department of Emirates Airline fears its authority and not want to share it with line managers.

In case of cost reduction HER department may be replaced by HAIR, also the line manager lack the commitment in assisting HER related activities like employee training, quality enhancement etc, and HER professionals have to bear a lot of difficulty in training line managers. Line managers also get pressurized to implement latest HER practices and may be criticized for the improper adoption and not getting desired results. Disputes may arise between the line managers and their fellow workers related to salary and incentive issues. Previously in Emirates Airline human resource of the company was used to be engaged by the line managers.

But it has become very important for every organization to have HER department [1] and specialists for implementing several HARM practices to improve the condition Of the company. HARM helps in improving the working environment of the company and works in benefit of the common employee to increase everyone’s performance to get better results. HER professionals responsibilities vary from quality recruitment & hiring through giving world class training and experience, their role are very important in creating motivation for the employees.

They inspire the workers y implementing different policies like succession strategy and leisure manager concept. Their task is to regularly analyze the activities of every employee all over the company and then promote them accordingly, also the incentive and increase in basic salary is done after the evaluation process by HER specialists. (Training and Development (Example of Emirates Airlines), 201 0) Recruitment Department has taken several initiatives to improve the employee base of the company. It has also organized seminars.

These seminars were a major breakthrough in improving the interaction of the employees with the experienced management and authority. In the seminar several speakers discussed their experience of the business life and the employees got opportunity to interact with these professionals. (Arthur, 2001) Gardner and Palmer (1992) in Australia gave a perspective which was compatible with differential impact on different areas of HARM. This was also part of multiple constituency framework proposed by Thus and Miltonic in USA (1987). So these Employment Relations models become an alternative for strategic HARM.

This model also agrees with the concept that the HARM strategy ND other “strategic” factors may have an impact on HARM policies and practices, but it also considers a number of other forces influencing HARM in practice. There are some theories like Arises Intervention Theory, Cotter Eight Step Change Model and Lenin Action Research Model, which tell how an organization can easily make changes in their functional structure with the overall support of their employees and management. These theories are very well defined for the whole change management process but each one has its own pros and cons.

Some of these theories have been followed by Emirates Airlines in improving Recruitment & Selection processes and was not very successful in implementation of change process. (New Series – Human Resources – building change competency) As the demand for employees remain changing in the Emirates Airline, the management have introduce the “annulled hours” concept for their employees. They do the proper calculation of working that is required for the whole year from every employee, and then they should fix the shifts & hours for weeks. For the time high rush they can use the reserved hours Of employees to manage the extra work.

In time of less work the employee can be sent home (enforced rest). These results in full management of the employees according to changing demand, and it provides flexibility in working pattern. There are a number of journals based on Human Resource Management that can be useful in addressing the issue related to Emirates Airlines. Of them, the most significant ones are International Journal of Human Resource and SAGE journal that has related papers in this context. The research would also be using Herbage’s two factor Hygiene theory of motivation and Mascots Needs Hierarchy Theory to substantiate its objectives.

The two factor theory of Herbert would give the dimensions of either satisfaction or dissatisfaction to support the experience that the employees have in the company. Mason’s needs theory would state the status that the employees have in the company whether their needs have been fulfilled by the company management or not. It would also state the level of fulfillment of the needs of the employees of the company. Based on this level of satisfaction that the employees have with their employers, one can find the places where changes can be made hence lifting the objectives Of the research. Motivation in Theory – Herbert Two factor Theory, 2010) Research Methodology Primary Research could not be used in this research due too time constraints and different geographical locations also data is confidential to be revealed. Secondary research used as the internet was used as a source of research. Statements of Assumption The first assumption that is made is that the employees are highly unsatisfied with the HER recruitment process of the airlines. The second assumption is that the turnover rate of the company is relatively high; the major reason of he turnover can be the lack in the recruitment process.

Hindrance in Data Collection As it is a common experience, the top management resists any changes in a company’s functioning. As the very motive of this research is to bring changes to the HER recruitment system of Emirates Airlines, it can be resisted by the company’s top management. Hence, the research team would have to convince highly qualified set of managers and help get the research done. Code of Ethics The code of ethics of the country is to abide by the legislation of ICC countries in terms of any international affair within ICC Countries. Also, the laws of Ministry of Aviation need to be followed.

Any employee found guilty in this context would have to face serious consequences. Also, under all cases of conflicts in the employees’ views, the decision of the top management of the company will be final. Conclusions After carefully monitoring and watching the HER recruitment policies of the airlines we have concluded that the HER recruitment process of the airlines are quite hefty as it consists of many phases of interview and tests and the persons that the airlines recruit are selected and experienced most of the mime until and unless they don’t have any special quality that is required for the job.

Moreover the airlines need to increase the salary of the employees as other airlines are giving more than that Of emirates therefore the employees are switching their jobs. Recommendations The recommended strategies include the broadening of the HER recruitment process and the increase of the salary as per the standards of the employees. Other recommended strategies include employee satisfaction and satisfying employee needs as per the organization behavior standards of the airlines.

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