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Human resource manager. It is his duty to maintain basic wages with in suitable limits of business and law without which employee retention, engagement and involvement in the company’s activities becomes impossible. The purpose of the present paper is to undergo a human resource assessment in the context of wage and benefits planning for the workers in Bounce Fitness. In this context business files and plans will be studied and legislative environment regulating worker’s remuneration and benefits in Australia will also be studied in detail. Finally, a suitable remuneration plan for the company will be constructed.

Before going ahead brief overview of the company is below: Company’s description: Bounce fitness is an Australian company headquartered in Cairns Queensland. The company opts to maintain a good staff that can facilitate working all the time. For this purpose new graduate and skilled people are being hired who have basic skills and capabilities as fitness and casual instructors (Bounce Fitness, 2012). Bounce fitness requires maintaining a stable working environment and for that the human resource manager is given the task to build a remuneration plan based on company’s policies and legal requirements of the government of Australia.

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The plan must also fit to the worker’s law of Australian government because anything going away from it can result in deteriorated public image of the company that can affect business activities (Bounce fitness, 2012). According to Bounce Fitness financial policy the business must be aligned with the legislative and ethical requirements that can help boost the professional ski ills of the employees. The human 4 resource manager is responsible to maintain a superior working system with employee engagement. This is to ensure that high quality environment is maintained with continuous improvement in culture.

This will also help in Question: 1 Scope of remuneration plan Bounce fitness: The scope of the remuneration plan of Bounce fitness is to create an environment that is feasible for the growth of business and also aids in its expansion. The company aspires to achieve its financial and marketing targets in the coming fiscal year and for this sake one exercise unit specifically designed for elderly people is being expanded for which new trainers are required. The purpose of human resource manager in Bounce Fitness is to oversee the human resource management plan in relation to different market segments.

For this sake customers are broadly classified into two main groups: – Youngsters b- Elderly people Usually youngsters and college students are attracted toward low budget packages and Bounce fitness can maximize its business outcomes if it offers free membership to this group. Moreover, financially stable elderly people can prove to be a good source Of profit generation. Attractive packages regarding their needs and requirements can genera et popularity. In this context, fitness programs for elderly in the supervision of a physiotherapist can work well.

Question: 2 selective parameters, current policies, market rates surveys: 5 Government of Australia has set specific standards for its peep el working In riveter and public organizations. In this context, age discrimination Act (2014), Australian Human Rights Commission Act (1 986), Racial Discrimination Act (1975), Sex discrimination Act (1984) and Disability Discrimination Act (1992) carry central importance. For bounce fitness three most important areas of concern include: Human rights commission act Racial discrimination act Sex discrimination act The management will have to make sure that people in business remain comfortable.

Equal opportunity should be provided to aboriginals and people belonging to both sexes because any kind Of discrimination can result in a errors loss to the company and it can also deteriorate its public image. In the light of the companies policies workers wages and benefits will be fixed and the criteria about life insurance, medical care, pharmaceutical services, off- hour working benefits, traveling allowance and training programs will be created.

Before going ahead a detailed research about the average wage in Australian system is required and for that purpose two surveys; one from government and the other from a private source have been analyzed. A- Surveys: In order to estimate the salary of people involved in fitness training jobs of Australia an online survey was conducted where almost 497 people belonging to this sector were asked about their salaries and the data revealed $93 per hour for the upper quartile and S 45 per hours for the lower quartile.

Another such survey that was conducted in 2014 to create a benchmark for the current pay scale in Australia for students working as part-timers shows wages $80 per hour (Pay-scale, 2014). It mean that average salary for people working as part-timers is $45 per hour, however to create a good image of the company in the market and to attract trained people there is a need to maintain good salary package along with ere membership program and for that purpose $65 per hour for trainee and $1 00 per hour for an expert will be a good option (Firebrand, 2014).

Another survey regarding employment cost index was done by Bureau of Statistic Australia. It provided information about compensation, fringe benefits and benefits. The survey was done in January 2014 and the results are documented. It was seen that the benefit cost was rose to 0. 6 percent for the workers in the private sector. The salaries of people in this area showed an increase of 0. 9 percent legally required benefits improved by 2. 2 percent (Employment cost trends, 2014).

In this context, government of Australia p revived special benefits to people who are eligible to medical care. Pharmaceutical benefits scheme also provides medication to patients who are on chemicals and who need them for the entire life. At the same time, a range of preliminary claims can also be generated in certain cases from the Australian Social Security Payments Department (Australian government, 2014). This information can prove to be greatly helpful for the company as it can save its funds for a longer period of time.

Government of Australia also cares for its people saying that a part of errors salary should be maintained as travel expenses for the person joining the company and hence Bounce fitness will also follow the same maintaining 5 percent of the total earning of the worker as his travel expense and it will on the worker to 7 manage it according to his own needs (Australian government department of human services, 2012). Question: 3 Identify two groups and make Incentive arrangement complying with performance management strategy, policy and legal requirements?

Performance manage strategy of Bounce Fitness has prime focus on worker’s motivation and training. People who are highly motivated often create an excellent workforce and same is true for bounce fitness. The administration of Bounce Fitness works on the basic principles of human resource management by creating job incentives for its people and allowing them to work in a competitive environment where performance really matters.

Managers who perform well are given steady increase in their salaries, moreover those who show outstanding management skills are promoted to the next level (Bounce fitness, 2012) As Bounce Fitness aims to maintain a good working culture by hiring skilled workforce and training them so two basic groups to be identified in this respect are students and trainees. – Students: Part-time jobs will be offered to students who fit the requirements of the company b- Trainee: New staff will be hired for full time basis.

Their probation and training period will last for at least three months afterwards they will become permanent on the basis of their performance. The benefit of hiring the above two groups will allow the company to maintain workers skills and a good workforce on low wage. Government of Australia allows Australian students and 8 trainees to join workforce in order to support their study and other expenses. The age limit can be arrears or more (Government of Australia, 2012).

Compacts Policies and Wage plan: Bonus fitness aims to continue business in an environ moment that is maintained according to the rules and regulations of government. The company also works to upgrade the professional skills and capabilities Of its people not only to enhance their talent but also to improve their market value (Bounce fitness, 2012). The retail section of the business accounts for 30 percent of the total profit of the company and the rest is earned by the main facilities of the company.

The central financial department has the responsibility to manage this budget. As the annual budget of the company is analyzed by the chief financial officer of Bounce Fitness so it is critical to take into account his monthly financial statements and plan remuneration according to the resources of the company (Bounce fitness, 2012). Petty cash: Bounce fitness maintains its petty cash to be $10,000 that may include workers benefits, advertising expenses and other unplanned activities. The benefit plan must be finalized according keeping In view this budget.

Once everything is clear then it becomes easier for human resource manager to order shields, good performance certificates, gifts and other items to encourage his people, moreover, if the amount is available then he can even offer cash benefits on good performance (Bounce fitness, 2012). Salary structure: 9 Salary structure also comes along with bon uses and benefits given to employees on regular basis to improve their engagement. The final plan must be submitted to the chief financial officer of the company in order to maintain it in suitable limits of business.

The approval that is to be sought from the financial manager will help ascertain that the budget of the company does not overrun and everything remains in the notice of general financial manager. Rules and regulations of Australian government in relation to the planning the workforce remuneration and benefits can aid greatly in making this plan. Fringe benefits: The company will also offer fringe benefits to people who become permanent later based on their performance these benefits include car fringe benefits, house on lease and loan offers.

Superannuation: Bounce Fitness also plans retirement benefits for its people who worked dedicatedly for the company. In this respect, mortgage plans, income arrangement after retirement, severance pay and pensions plans are under consideration. Question: 4: How options link to company’s goals and targets? The goal of the company is to maintain a suitable risk management activity and prioritize the business management functions. Human resource management department becomes a platform where workers can approach their management for their own sake.

This results in development 10 of a system that is fit for maintaining a high level of employee morale that enhances the chances of their retention and engagement in the job. One critical goal of the company is to create a market image of employee friendly organization without which it is impossible to maintain sustainability in business. With this plan Human resource manager will bridge the gap between the workforce and the higher management after which policies, programs and laws become clear and people stay satisfied with their jobs (Bounce fitness business continuity planning, 2012).

Question: 5 How plan assist in creating image Of the company as a desirable workplace? The above given plan will aid in development of a superior workforce best fitting the working needs of the company. People working in the company will be able to improve their profile with the training they receive on daily basis. They can use their skills professionally and designate the name of the many regarding their skills. This will also create the image of Bounce Fitness as an employee oriented organization that cares for its people.

Training programs for the newly hired workforce will also attract more people who want to align whit job skills with the market requirements. Along with the training programs, benefits, leave, certificates and off- hours pay given to the workers will also help in creating the image of a company as an amp loyal friendly organization in the community. 11 Task II: Communication plan for re menu ration and benefits scheme Bounce Fitness: Below is the account of communication plan for compensation and remuneration initiatives of Bounce fitness.

Communication plan for Bounce fitness has been shown below: Manager at fitness Departmental Heads Focus group discussions Face to Face discussion Physiotherapist Accountant Sales sheet Us proviso Interviews Written plan Trainee head Electronic print information PDA et Communication Plan: Bounce Fitness 12 Type of communication email interview meeting: A number of communication techniques involving email, face to face meetings, interviews and live conversations can be used but good results can only be obtained if the human resource manager has flair of conversation and is well- versed in company’s affairs and policies.

HARM can communicate his thoughts and implications for departmental heads and managers about the social and legislative guidelines enlisted by the government. However, in this case face to face meetings can help greatly because the human resource manager will be able to get personally involved in the conversation and draw meanings from the expressions of the other person. In some cases direct information is required about the affairs of a department and for that the

HARM can plan some open ended or close ended questions to draw suitable information and this is needed when he has to ask for information supervisor. Distant conversation with the managers such as accounts, trainee head at other outlets will be managed with emails and telephonic conversation for a prompt response. Who is involved? The financial manager of the Bounce Fitness will be involved in the remuneration plan because he is the sole person having detailed information about what is being expected from the company in the coming fiscal period.

He has all the knowledge and understanding of the budgeting requirements ND profits that are generated from the company s activities and then the way they are streamlined (Bounce fitness, 2014). For this purpose the most important meeting Human resource manager can have is with the Finance manager of bounce fitness. It is better to have a face to face meeting that may involve a short interview having questions about the amount of money allocated for worker’s wages and benefits.

Based on this information data can be managed and individual wages and possible benefits that can be granted to employees at an 13 earlier or later stages of their jobs will be finalized. Any kind of miscommunication or confusion in this regard should be cleared immediately to avoid conflicts. Along with the finance manage it is the duty of the head of the human resource department to stay in touch with every people working in the organization.

He must study and communicate discrimination laws, compensation requirements, work safety law, labor law and other rules and regulations that are changing over the period of time to ensure that workers needs are met in accordance with the polices of government. The entire management organization having clear knowledge and understanding of hose principles will be able to run the company in suitable limits of governments legislations. Objective: The main objective of human resource manager in relation to building and executing an effective communication plan is to create a system of information flow in the entire organization.

This flow of information is critical to take initiatives regarding the best practices according to company’s policies. As the policies of bounce fitness are employee oriented so it is the duty of human resource manager to find the areas where more training is required and where compensation is not enough for people. This will allow management of people in a way that will not only motivate them to work hard but at the same time it will also bring numerous benefits for the company as well. How often communication happen?

Bounce Fitness follow a hierarchal structure so it is better to communicate with the head of department of finance and operations everyday or at least every week to gather information about 14 their activities and problems they face in relation to the rules and regulations being followed in the company. When budget is short the compensation plan can be delayed and for this purpose monthly meeting with the finance manager is needed. Similarly in order to maintain business environment that fulfils the social and environmental sustainability requirements, weekly reports are required.

After gathering information from all the departments suitable plan for future action and changes will be suggested. What is expected? The communication plan will aid in development and execution of a structured approach for the recruitment and retention of the employees that can fulfill the needs of the company and this remains the prime goal of the human resource management department. It will also allow maintenance of oral and professional satisfaction at all fronts because of which internal and external equity in the company’s activities will be achieved.

Effective communication plan by the human resource management will also help in creation of a compensation system that is fair and determine the value Of each position. Innovated lease is a simple and useful way for the employees to buying a used or new car. It is a three way deal among an employee, his finances a ND the employer. In this process, employee possess a car, the employer makes an agreement to provide lease repayments to the finances for the leased car as it is a condition of employment.

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