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What is coaching? Is there one type of coaching? Explain Coaching refers to the teaching or development process through which an individual is supported while achieving a specific professional result. There are different types of causing in the world today. Types of coaching may be categories based on the activities involved and of the intended result of the coaching process. Some of the types of coaching may include business coaching, career coaching, Career coaching and sales coaching.

Career coaching refers to the process through which an individual is trained on how o handle tasks that fall under their duties and responsibilities in the workplace. In most cases, career coaching is done in the form of orientation and periodical training of staff (Phillips & Phillips, 2012). 2. Cal 1 , page 514, question 6: You have been asked to evaluate whether a company’s pay structure is fair to women and minorities. How would you go about answering this question?

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Evaluation of whether a company is fair to women in terms of pay structure could be done from two perspectives. The first would include a comparison of remuneration of women with regard to that of men. In this regard, the determination of whether the company is fair or discriminative to women when it comes to pay structure would be based on whether there exist great disparities or differences between pay for men and that for women serving in the same job group.

On the other hand, this could be determined through recruitment and employment policy of the company. Whereas the company may not directly pay women less amounts of pay as compared to men, it may do so through developing policies that inhibit professional growth and advancement of women employs and indirectly keeps their pay at the lowest rates (Weiss, 2004). . Chi 13, page 591, question 4: What are the potential advantages of flexible benefits and flexible spending accounts? Are there any potential drawbacks?

Flexible benefits are indeed advantageous to both the employer and the employee. For the employer, flexible benefits would always be used a factor through which employees would be motivated into working harder. With provision of flexible benefits, the employee would seek to put in place greater efforts as a way of gaining more benefits from the employer. On the other hand, flexible benefits are advantageous in that it allows the employee to sake a choice on the benefits they want from a package of programs the employer offers (Perkins & White, 2009). . Chi 16, page 720, question 2: How can the processes for strategic management discussed in chapter Non be transplanted to manage the HARM function? Strategic management can indeed be transplanted to manage the Human Resource Management function. As part of managerial duties, HARM managers are expected to streamline their department through activities and initiatives that are complementary to the overall vision and goals of the organization. Human labor as a factor of production is very important in eating the laid out strategic goals.

Through employees, activities are carried out and coordination is enhanced. The more efficient communication and other activities are within the organization, the better the position of the organization in reaching out into its vision and mission. HARM managers must develop teams that are highly motivated and keep the turnover rate at the minimal if the organization is to achieve its goals and objectives.

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