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Hence, having the right numbers of people to perform in the right roles is crucial. The number of employees, skills and location Of employees are determined for future uses and secure the organization with necessary skills with suitable sources to meet organizational goals. If there is a workers surplus occurred, organization need to reduce the number of employees whereas has to do recruitment and selection to fill the vacancy if there is workers shortage happen. To recruit a suitable employee, some appropriate ways are needed.

Organization should match the candidates’ interest, works attitude, educational background and experience with the job offered. If candidates who are always absent are hired, the productivity of the organization will be lower. However, a worker which is hardworking and always ready to serve can ensure the future of organization. Matching the characteristics of candidates with job specifications is needed to make a smooth selection. When the qualified candidates are recruited, they will be screened in aspects of skills, ability, strength and background and potential of developed.

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If an unsuitable candidate is selected, the organization might be harmed and causing wastage whether in the aspects of costing or other related spending. It will also take longer time and more efforts for the organization to recruit another employee in order to fill the vacancy. In contrast, when a qualified candidate with highly interest, enough experience, outstanding ability and positive working attitude is selected, he or she will pay fully efforts to help the organization to meet Its goals.

Training and development are important to ensure the employees in organization have proper knowledge and skills that needed for their present and future job. It will help the employees to handle heir job or even a higher position in organization easily and smoothly and this will help in achieving the organization’s goals and targets indirectly. Besides, training and development also can be enforced by employees’ career planning and career development. By career planning, individual or employees will set their career goals and identify means to achieve them.

In this case, it produces productive employees and also increases company’s productivity. By career development, a pipeline of people with proper qualifications and experience will be trained and developed and it will act as a checkup. When there is job vacancy in the higher position, internal resources in organization can take over the vacancy in the fast moment and this ensures the continuous of organization operation. In the other hand, performance appraisal is a formal system and evaluation of individual or team performance. By undergoing performance appraisal, employees will receive feedback on their strengths and areas for development.

If the result hits on employees’ goals, they will feel satisfy in their current position and keep improving their weakness to become better. High quality employee will reduce high quality job and ensure high quality of product produced by organization. Compensation is also one of a function of human resource management. It is a reward that individuals receive as a result of their employment. To meet organization goals, an outstanding compensation system is a must to provide employees with acceptable and equitable rewards for their contributions (Monody, 2012).

It is a satisfaction that a person receives from the job or psychological and physical environment in which the person works. Generally, most Of the employees are responding to increases n pay and benefits with a positive and more productive attitude. It is obvious that if an organization pays more, it will help to attract and keep more employees. The general purposes of the compensation policy covers respecting employee’s performance, maintaining a competitive labor market condition, maintain justice employee salaries, motivating employee performance and reduce employee’s turnover.

For example, most of the employees will feel more motivated to help their companies succeed when an employer willing to share its profits with employees, such as bonuses and profit-sharing plans. Besides that, the impact of compensation on productivity and performance in jobs are also help to motivate employees to give more afford on their jobs (Jones M. L. , 2007). For example, the knowledge of receiving a bonus after achieving a certain sales quota will likely motivate a salesperson to increase productivity.

Furthermore, an organization can helps to improve employee’s performance by providing interesting work and empowering to employees to take charge on their own tasks. Safety and health is also important for an organization. Safety can be defined as protecting employees from injuries caused by work-related accident while lath refers to employees’ freedom from illness and their general physical and mental well-being (Monody, 2012). All organizations have the duty of care to ensure the employees safety and health. This two aspect are important for employee especially for those who are work in industrial and constructional areas.

When they are working in a safety environment, they will more productive to the organization. Conversely, if an organization is not paid attended or provide an unsafe workplace to employee, employee will feel that their safety and health have been threaten, thus, it will directly affect the organization effectiveness and employee morale. Some more, due to the irresponsible organization, employee can also take action to the organization on court; this will affect the image of the company and lower the productive.

Employee and labor relations are another core function in Human Resource management. Human resource activity with a union is often referred to as industrial relations, which handles the job of collective bargaining. Employee are be protected by the labor union to ensure their compensation to be fair and equitable. When there is employee who dissatisfaction with their insemination, job security, or attitude of management, unions will represent the employees to solve those problem.

Most of the unions will help represent the employee bargaining with their organization, if negotiations break down, the union will use the strike and boycott to overcome the break down negotiations to exert pressure on management to submit to its term. Thus, this will totally affect the organization production and resulting in lost customers and revenue. As a conclusion, the main five functions of Human Resource Management (HARM) are staffing, human resource development, insemination, safety and health, employee and labor relations.

These five functions must handle effectively to ensure and increase organization’s productivity and produce a good image of the organization.

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