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The research was conducted through websites, a book and interviews with sales person and classmates. After my research I found out that Jordan Brand Classics have a great strength on celebrity appeal and consumer loyalty, but the weakness about the version of the shoes is also obvious. Also, based on the fact that social network is ready to be exploited and there are many low priced competitor , two marketing mix was recommended. One is focused on old product line and mass media advertisements. The other is focused on lowering the price and expanding the distribution system.

But they are not perfect, after my interview, I found that more shoes should be distribute to retailers and augment product should focus on different colors. Therefore, after all my research I found that my initial opinion about mass media marketing and store opening was wrong. There are many reasons such as effectiveness of advertising and profitability of opening individual stores. In the end you will find a preferred and Justified marketing mix for Jordan Brand Classics which is the second one with several improvement on high-tech product and new distribution strategy.

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And competitive edge with the key competitor, Aids Originals, will be obvious on lower price and bigger coverage of distribution. 1. 0 Introduction 1. 1 Objectives of Research: The research is conducted to analyze and recommend a good marketing mix for a certain product. Additionally, the research will help me to learn more about marketing and ways to conduct market research. 1. 2 The Context: In this report there will be a good marketing mix recommended for the Jordan Brand Classics shoes. 1. 2. 1 Uses and Applications: The Jordan Brand Classics are for collecting and casual wear.

Except for that, it also offers to some cultural and memorable events through some special colors. 1. 2. 2 Target Market: The target market is mostly young adults who love basketball. Also those elder people who were Michael Cordon’s fans. 1. 2. 3 Key Success Factors: There are three main key factors of success. The first one was that they used celebrity appeals. The second factor was that they used Nine’s brand recollection to skip the market penetration stage of neurotransmitter 2014). The last factor was that they used catchy and educational advertisements and promotions to attract young people (Preceptor 2014) 1. 2. 4 Reasons of choosing:

The reverence of Jordan and my love of basketball were the initial reasons of choosing this topic. In addition, I really wanted to know how the Jordan Brand Classics could keep expanding its market after Michael Jordan retired and how it could influence many girls around me to purchase the Jordan Brand Classics shoes. 1. 3 Necessary Background Knowledge: 1. 3. 1 Jordan Brand: The Jordan Brand started with inventing sneakers for Michael Jordan on the court. After Michael retired, the Jordan Brand proclaimed to separate from Nikkei and keeps giving out technologically advanced sneakers every year for athletes such as Carmela

Anthony. 1. 3. 2 The Classics: The Classics are the shoes that came out before Jordan retired, from Air Jordan 1 to Air Jordan 23. Nowadays, it is also known as the “Air Jordan Retro”. It is a classical collection of shoes because they can recall the glory days Michael Jordan had in the NAB. 1. 4 Thesis Statement: I believe that the Air Jordan Classics shoes should do more advertising on mass media such as TV and press. In addition, it should also expand its “Place” in the ups. For example, open more stores in developing countries like China. 2. 0 Methods: 2. 1 Data Collection Methods:

For most part of the data, I used websites. Other than that, I also conducted some interviews with my schoolmates and some salesmen and saleswomen in stores. I also used one book called “The Hob’s 10 Must Reads on Strategic Marketing” 2. 2 Addressing the Research Objective. 2. 2. 1 Internet Sites: I used some useful websites to collect basic information about the Jordan Brand Classics. And most importantly, some sales information about those Jordan Brand Classics shoes. 2. 2. 2 Interview: The interview is conducted to know how people feel about the Jordan Brand Classics shoes and its marketing condition.

The interview with schoolmates is mostly based on girls, because I want to find out why girls are also buying Air Jordan shoes. The interview with salesmen and saleswomen is basically used to find out how much they know about the shoes and their selling condition. 2. 2. 3 Book: The book is only used to get some more knowledge about marketing in today’s world, and I will relate them to my recommendation. 3. 0 Findings: 3. 1 Key Competitor: The Aids Originals Aids Originals are a branch of products in Aids. It was first separated from Aids in 1996 and started creating its style of shoes.

Its shoes are designed base on the style of ass and ass. 3. 1. 1 Aids Originals Marketing Mix Its marketing mix is focused on product and promotion. They design new shoes consistently and invite many film stars and singers to make advertisements for them, which can always be seen on TV. The price is always higher than other brands and the stores are separate from ordinary Aids stores. (See Appendix 1 for detailed marketing mix) 3. 2 SOOT Analysis and Marketing Mix Options for Jordan Brand Classics 3. 2. 1 SOOT Analysis: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats ;Very strong celebrity appeal.

Pre success of NIKKEI in sports wears market. Consumer loyalty. Powerful social media marketing. ( Mandela 2011) The use of big sports events and cultural events. Few advertisements on mass media. The version of the shoes cannot change. Not useful anymore for real basketball competition. More sports events are coming up every year to let them build their brand recollection. Mobile internet development can help the online marketing. With the development of NIKKEI ID, they got a chance to expand its product lines. More competitors like Puma and Unbalance are also giving out classic shoes of their brand.

Fewer Michael Jordan fans in the future. Cheaper priced competitors, like Rebook and Under Armor. 3. 2. 2 Marketing Mix for Jordan Brand Classics: a. Marketing Mix A: I. Product: Keep giving out old colors that only appears in the past when Jordan was still playing. It. Price: Lowering the price of all Jordan Brand Classics shoes. Iii. Place: Open more individual Jordan Brand stores to sell Classics Shoes ‘v. Promotion: Add advertisement on mass media, such as TV and press. B. Marketing Mix B: I. Product: Keep giving out shoes with different colors and give the colors meaning corresponding to sports and cultural events. . Price: Keep the price constant on all shoes that have already came out, but lowers the price of newly designed shoes. Ill. Place: Distribute more shoes to retailers. ‘v. Promotion: Online-oriented promotion, everything new about the Classics shoes should have an instant access on the internet. 3. 3 Interview Findings: 3. 3. 1 Interview of Salesmen and Saleswomen. Salesmen in NIKKEI store Saleswomen in NIKKEI store Salesmen at a Retailer Have you ever seen advertisements about Jordan Brand Classics on TV? No No How many people come to the store every day, and many pairs of Jordan Brand

Classics shoes could be sold? Approximately 200 people each day, 5 pairs of shoes could be sold. During weekdays, about 50 people, but during weekends the number will become 400. Maybe 10 pairs would be sold on weekends. There are more than 300 people coming, approximately 20 pair of shoes will be sold each day. What do you think is the main reason of consumers’ purchasing in your store? Probably because they Just think the shoes looks good. People bought what they think are cool with good colors or Just follow trends. Maybe because they think our shoes are cheaper.

Or they want to find some old colors of hoes that are no longer on sale in ordinary Nikkei stores. What will you tell the customer when you are introducing the shoes? Mostly about how these shoes are featured and I usually tell them more meanings about the colors. I will tell them about the colors, because this is basically what I could tell about Jordan Brand Classics shoes. We almost only have conversation about size and directions about where the shoes are. Only few talks about introducing the shoes. 3. 3. 2 Interviews of schoolmates 3. 3. Findings: In the interview of sales person, we can find that there is no awareness of advertisement on TV in China. Moreover, more shoes are sold in each retailer than in each Nikkei store. From the bar graph of interview with schoolmates, we can find that more friends around me are buying new Air Jordan Classics shoes from real stores rather than online. In addition, the reasons of buying are mostly on beautiful colors for both boys and girls. And this result resembles to what can be found in the interview with salesperson. 4. 1 Discussion: 4. 2 Interpreting the Findings in Light of the Thesis: 4. 1. About Mass Media: In the thesis statement, I claimed that Air Jordan Classics shoes should do more advertising on mass media. But after my interview and research I found that this is unnecessary. First of all, the Jordan Brand has already built a strong online promotion system and the online promotion is also benefit from social network. Second of all, the Jordan Brand has a stable consumer loyalty, which means that people who love Jordan Classics shoes will constantly purchase them. Based on that fact, doing advertisement on mass media will not be that effective (refer to appendices 2 for further explanation).

Third, from the book I mentioned earlier in 2. 2. 3, I learnt that the age of mass media and product oriented marketing structure is bout to pass. Nowadays, marketing should be oriented on consumers, which means that instead of introducing your product to every consumer, companies should introduce every consumer with products that are suitable for them (refer appendices 3 for examples). 4. 1. 2 The “Place: The statement about the “Place” in the thesis statement was wrong. Even though going into the shop to see the real product is a more tangible experience that can drive customer to buy the product.

The costs for open such stores are big, and based on the interview there are more shoes sold in each retailer, the marginal cost of open tortes will exceed the marginal revenue. Hence to open of such stores may not be profitable. Hence, the number of the stores should be adjusted to the level that there are enough chances for people to try the real product and does not affect the firms profit rate very much. 4. 2 Effectiveness of Research: The research is quite effective I think. Because I found many perspectives that were different with my raw ideas about the Jordan Brand Classics.

Those web pages and interviews were very informative, and the book gave me a lot of new thoughts. But the research also has ineffective aspects. First, the number of interviewees is limited, so that I can’t get the most accurate information. Second, some of those web pages were about the Jordan Brand as a whole, so maybe some of the information is not only for Jordan Brand Classics shoes. Such as the consumer loyalty and some parts in the SOOT analysis. 5. 0 Conclusion and Recommendations 5. 1 Preferred Marketing Mix: The “Marketing Mix B” is better compare with “Marketing Mix A”.

However, there are still something need to be improved. What presents below is the Justified marketing mix. A. Product: Keep giving out shoes with different colors and give the colors meaning corresponding to sports and cultural events. In addition, try to exploit Nikkei ID, which could make the consumer design their own colors. B. Price: Keep the price constant on all shoes that have already came out, but lowering the price of newly designed shoes to attract early adopters. C. Place: Distribute more shoes to retailers both online and in shopping mall.

Nevertheless, keep newly designed shoes only in Jordan Brand stores. Also, keep at least one Jordan Brand shelf in each Nikkei store. D. Promotion: Online-oriented promotion, everything new about the Classics shoes would all have instant access the internet. Moreover, keep track about consumers visits to real store and online official websites to build database of consumers taste. Then promote the suitable product to each consumer by email or text messages. 5. 2 Competitive Edge: Even though this marketing mix is not perfect it is not specific enough.

But it does create some competitive edge compare with the key competitor-Aids Originals. A. Product: It is true that the version of the product is limited among Jordan Brand Classics shoes. But as long as they keep giving out new colors there will be more options of shoes than Aids Originals. Moreover, the use of Nikkei ID will provide an additional incentive for customer to buy their shoes. B. Price: The price of the Aids Originals shoes is commonly higher than Jordan Brand Classics shoes. Hence, the lower price for new product can bring the quantity demanded much higher. . Place: The coverage of Jordan Brand Classics will be much bigger than Aids Originals if they have at least one shelf in each Nikkei store and expand the coverage among retailers. D. Promotion: Even though Aids Originals does more advertisement on ass media, they are less effective than online promotion of Jordan Brand Classics. Because on TV all people should watch the same thing no matter what they like. But on the internet people can go for what they want, and look for the specific details only for what they like, which is more consumer-oriented.

Moreover, it could also help the construction of the consumer database. Appendix Appendix 1: Aids Originals Marketing Mix a. Product: Unlike the Jordan Brand Classics, the Aids Originals keeps giving out new kinds of products. They are also planning to use some high-tech factors, such as the mismatch, n their original shoes. B. Price: The price of the Aids Originals is usually higher than common product in Aids, especially shoes. Its price is based on the value of the product. C. Place: The store of Aids Originals is always separate with Aids.

It has its own distribution system. Nevertheless, there are only 10 Aids Original stores in Beijing. D. Promotion: In order to reach their goal that is to sell their products to people in different fields, they invite many film stars and singers to advertise their product. Most of the advertisement will be seen on TV, they also use online marketing. Appendix 2: Consumer Loyalty Because those people who are not interested in basketball or sneakers will not Jordan Brand Classics even though they watch advertisement on TV.

Moreover, Jordan Brand Classics shoes is not resemble to new drinks or shampoos which need more people to know about. So they don’t need advertisements on TV to build the brand recognition. Appendix 3: Consumer-oriented Marketing. In order to do that, first we need to track the consumers visits online and in store. To find out what that certain consumer or small segment of consumers, like people from the same school or same company, prefer. If we find out that the consumer is really interested in Air Jordan 6, then we can send email or text messages to tell him or her news about Air Jordan 6.

This way we are trying to promote all products to suitable consumers instead of promote one of our products to all consumers Reference Aids (Original) Marketing Strategy, (2012) Socialist [Online]. Available from: http://socialist. Com/brands/aids-originals-marketing-strategy. HTML [Accessed 16 April 2014] Air Jordan Brand, (2014) Sneaker News [Online]. Available from: http:// [Accessed 16 April 2014] Jeremy, M. (2014) Jordan Brand America’s hottest brand case study, Adage [Online]. Available from: http://adage. M/article/special-report-Americas-hottest- brands-2009/Jordan-brand-America-s-hottest-brands-case-study/140475/ [Accessed 16 April 2014] Mandela, Z. (2011) Nikkei: How Michael Jordan Built a Brand, Yahoo Voices [Online]. Available from: http://voices. Yahoo. Com/Nikkei-Michael-]ordain-built- Preceptor, J. (2014) A Lesson in Phenomenal Personal Branding: Michael Jordan, Branding Beat [Online]. Available from: http://voices. Yahoo. Com/Nikkei-Michael-]ordain- Kidders, S. (2008) Air Jordan steps toward milestone, Los Angles Times [Online]. Available from: http://articles. Lattices. Com/2008/Jan/09/business/if-Richardson

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