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The role of men and women has always been unique and deferent to every eye. Some may base their pollens off of own experiences and some may base theirs off of what they see or hear. Has It ever occurred to you why people, men and women, are different from each other? In time, the difference of roles for males and females hasn’t really changed much. The males are still considered more of the dominant gender of the two. Galoshes, Oedipus the King, and Achilles are all looked at as heroic warriors that use their intelligence and power to fulfill their quests.

However, women still have tasks to accomplish and fulfill as well, but many people tend to push that aside due to the fact they feel those matters aren’t as important. In my opinion, the role of men and women can relate at times, yet be deferent as well. As we read the story of Galoshes, we came to realize how strong of a leader and influence he was to those around him. “And who, like Galoshes, can proclaim, “l am Galoshes was singled out from the day of his birth, / Two-thirds of him was divine, one-third of him was human! The Epic of Galoshes 100) He was looked upon greatly by the people and thought of as a King who could not be replaced. The women in this story played not as powerful role or were not looked upon like Galoshes was. Shaman was a prostitute of the temple in which she focused more on the refinements of culture. Another women was Issued. Sudsier, the goddess of wine- making and brewing, showed more of a nurturing side in which she was the one who comforted Galoshes when he was in his quest to find the answers to life and death.

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As you can see, the women had much more less stressful tasks unlike Galoshes who had the title of a warrior and ambitious builder to live up to. Another great ruler that showed his valued qualities was Oedipus the King. Oedipus the King was a well-known ruler for his confident with decision making and care for the people’s best Interests. “l heard your prayer. It will be answered If your trust and obey my words: pull hard with me, bear down on the one cure that will stop this plague.

Help will come, the evils will be gone. I hereby outlaw the killer myself, by my own words, though I’m a stranger both to the crime and to accounts of it. ” (Sophocles 714) A women that shares the quality of swift decisiveness with Oedipus is his daughter Antigen. Antigen shows her compassion and love for her family and puts their needs and protection first Just like her father does with the people of the community. She also focuses on bringing attention to the differences between human law and divine law.

Even though, they both show strong bold leadership qualities that can be mound In both men and women, Antigen soul doesn’t have the powerful Image her father must met to please the people. Some people may say that men tend to have air as Achilles poised His spear with murderous aim at Hector, Eyes boring into the beautiful skin, Searching for the weak spot. Hectors body Was encased in the glowing bronze armor He had stripped from the fallen Patrols, But where the collarbones Join at the neck The gullet offered swift and certain death. It was there Achilles drove his spear through As Hector charged.

The heavy bronze apex Pierced the soft neck but did not slit the windpipe, So the Hector could still speak. ” (Homer 307) It seems to be important to men to show that they’re masculine to others and can protect themselves as well as their surroundings. The women in the Iliad such as Hachure, Helen and Andromeda all show the characteristics of being conservative and caring. Most women are humble and nurturing, while the men fought and showed the definition of what being a man meant at that time. In all three stories it was portrayed the over powering qualities men have compared to women.

The similarities are there in small ways, but the differences show greatly. The men were responsible for mostly all the things from labor work to making life or death situations for their family and community. Galoshes, Oedipus the King, and Achilles all showed how strong physically and mentally they are. Women have tasks and small responsibilities to meet while men have quests to accomplish. Even though a lot has changed over time and women became more independent, men are still looked upon as the dominant figure and to still fulfill their duties.

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