Conflict Resolution Action Plan Response Tosha Clark Assignment

Conflict Resolution Action Plan Response Tosha Clark Assignment Words: 424

The general education teacher response was that it was being implemented but was not working effectively. In this scenario, will use the ten-step problem solving process to help in resolving how to make sure the student needs are being met as stated in their PIPE in order to help them succeed. To start the process of problem solving, the first thing that I would do is to review the student PIPE so that I can see exactly what the student needs are. After looking over the PIPE, I will then try to find strategies ND ideas that could help with what their needs are to help them to be met.

Once all that information is gathered, I will arrange to have a meeting with the regular education teacher so that we could discuss the concerns at hand. At the meeting, I will make the general education teacher feel as comfortable as possible by making sure that we are on the same page and have an understanding that we are here for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to serve the needs of the student. Once this relationship is established, will discuss the concerns at hand by voicing my thoughts and opinions and allowing them to do the same.

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We will share our notes, data, and any relevant information that would be valuable regarding this student needs. Now we are ready to get down to what the real issue is which is why the students’ needs not being met. At this point, we can decide on what is necessary and what is not. Everyone will have a chance to voice their opinions and thoughts without using unnecessary language but staying focus and concentrating on the student needs. Once everything is laid on the table, We can try to reach an agreement by coming up with a plan.

At this point, we will set goals that each of us feel is necessary for the needs of the student and create a form where we can monitor and evaluate the methods to see what is working and what is not. Every second Friday of the each month, we agreed to meet during planning to review the student progress. At each meeting, we will evaluate the student progress by going over data and looking over the results to see where the student standings are. All the student work will be kept as evidence along with comments from both teachers regarding the student progress.

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