The Most Difficult Kind of Conflict to Resolve Assignment

The Most Difficult Kind of Conflict to Resolve Assignment Words: 850

I Philip Nietzsche have a proposition to request, that I believe should be supported by the doctor’s authority in this scenario. Recently a patient I was examining due too painful Joint in the right shoulder, a lovely man who is aged in his ass, I had to find the most courage to tell this old, selfless man that he was going to die, and no time limit was known when he would pass. It could be a matter of weeks, months or years but knowing you have ticking time bomb of death, but never knowing when his was going to explode.

The matter of telling this man the cancer was terminal, was utterly gut wrenching, the hardest thing to tell any patient is that they are going to die and we doctors cannot do anything to fix it… The response I got from the elderly male was somewhat surprising, there was no negative emotion aside from the pain and fear he will suffer. Many weeks after the diagnosis the elderly male wasn’t heard from, as a doctor I was expecting the worst had happened, however after a couple of days he came Into my office and asked me the question of whether I would euthanize his own life.

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The man told me that his life was not worth living, all the pain and suffering was for no one, his wife passed away, he has no immediate family and he said there were days that the pain was so unbearable that he couldn’t even move. The man decision was very much inevitable and he just wanted the little white pill, there was no doubt in my mind as a professional he was in a right state of mind and his decision was final. After a couple of days processing the information and what It meant as a doctor to end a human beings life was a constant mind game, I couldn’t Interpret If It was he right or wrong thing to do.

Follow my oath as a doctor or fulfill the final wishes of a dying man. This decision was intensively thought about and I would like the board to obey and respect this dying man’s last wish. The law constraints on doing so I feel as though special considerations should be accounted for after all the man interprets he should have a right to decide whether he doesn’t not want to live anymore. As I ask yourselves to empathic with this man and this decision of mine, to fulfill my request It let this man have his final wishes, this decision took a lot of consideration ND thinking.

Ending a human beings life Is not something can be decided easily and your frame of mind as a doctor is to benefit the patient and if we believe this elderly man is going to die eventually, wouldn’t he rather end his life with dignity. On my patients behalf, I beg of you to listen to what is right for the patient, not the oath. Sincerely Philip Nietzsche In response to your message Phillip Nietzsche (date: 14/11/2011) We received your letter and your request, and we find this utterly disgraceful that you would have the Hough to go against your oath that you swore by to become a doctor.

The request you sent is ridiculous to end a life when your oath is save life at any costs. The doctrine are taking this matter very seriously and will recommend you can end your request now or you’ll have to present yourself at the board which will end negatively towards you. You as a doctor should know that if a patient is acting In such should be ensuring he is seeing a professional psychiatrist to check your patient’s mental wellbeing.

To inform you we have had past doctors inform us with the same discuss decision you are implying. A man name Frederick Allison had requested the same proposition to euthanize a patient and he received a punishment for undertaking without the doctor authority permission and now was not allowed to pursue into his career, so Mr.. Nietzsche, we urge this as a severe warning, do not continue with this process as we all disagree on you and your patient’s wishes and similar consequences will occur to you, to what happened to Frederic Allison.

In conclusion to this response from your letter we are making this very clear that the citrine are not giving any implementation that we are allowing you to go ahead and end this man’s life, consequence will be made and your career will be lost and prosecutions will be made, this is how serious the offence will be if any action is made further on this point. We would like to receive a letter of confirmation to inform that no process of euthanasia will be occurring by the 19/11/2011 and if not there will be a lodge of official complain and the public and officials will be notified.

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