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In the case that a team member Is not pulling their weight and making the expected contribution, It could cause tension within the group Avoidance Try not to avoid things, give the group the opportunity to work conflicts out. Some management help may be required to resolve conflict. Things that could have been taking care of In a simple manner could go beyond the control of management Authoritative Command Formally, conflicts resolutions are conducted by the management when something arise within the group; the group member’s involved are also informed .

It is very important for management to remain mutual; otherwise the team may view their decision as favoritism and risk of losing their trust Compromise Whenever a group of people gather together towards a common goal, in order to be 1 OFF member need to put aside their personal feeling and opinions and work together, in the case they are unable to compromise, it is sure that the final task will get stalemate 2. Which of the available conflict management strategies is most appropriate for the current situation with David and James? Provide your rationale, including what actors you considered in making your selection.

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Your response should be at least 100 words. The recommended strategy would be problem-solving. It is very important for management to pay close attention to potential conflict within the group and try to resolve them before they escalate. As a manager, when dealing with conflict within your team the goal should not be to make them friends but finding a common ground for both parties and reach some compromise. The manager is responsible to give the parties involve some insight into how they can attain their own goals without the deed of undermining each other’s’ ability.

In the event the involve parties are unable to come to an understanding after the manager have mediate the situation, then a decision will be taken by the manager based on authoritative command. 3. If the selected strategy is not successful, what is your alternate strategy? Provide your rationale for this selection. Your response should be at least 100 words. In the case that the strategy selected is not successful, the alternate approach would be the use of authoritative as a logical option.

When management end up making the secession in such situation, it is important to alleviate any concerns of favoritism within the group, a clear explanation of how they come to the decision and what they hope the outcome will be needs to be given to the employees. This decision will be of all the details that were given to management and respective supervisors by the parties involved in the situation. Keeping things clear and mutual will help maintain a better and trustworthy group 4. What potential road blocks might be encountered in resolving the conflict? How would you address these? Your response should be at least 100 words.

When it comes to resolving conflict within an organization, several potential road blocks may arise in this situation. If any of the party feels that they have been treated unfairly and force into a particular outcome; the situation could either repeat itself or they may retaliate and creating more problems for the team.

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