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Satire Essay on Resource Conservation By the year 2100 many of the resources we rely on in the present will be used up. In addition, the world will be a barren wasteland due to pollution. Let’s face it, we destroy habitats, cause erosion, waste water and other valuable resources, and that’s only the beginning of it. Everyday an excessive amount of pollution is released into the Earth’s atmosphere. Motor vehicle emissions are the leading cause of air pollution, but that’s not going to stop anybody from driving their car.

People don’t care about what might happen in hundreds of years. As long as it doesn’t affect our lifetime, why should we have to worry? The reason is because our descendants will be left to deal with these problems as they emerge unless we do something about it now. Imagine a world where immense deforestation and burning fossil fuels has led to a huge increase in global temperature. Icebergs melt due to the heat and cause sea levels around the world to skyrocket.

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Weather patterns have become extreme, and devastating tropical storms can come up at any moment. CO2 concentration has doubled and metal domes have been made to cover the world’s major cities and keep the pollutants out. A filtration system takes in any pollution released within the dome and sends it to the outside. Motor vehicle transportation no long exists because of it being the leading cause of air pollution. In the dome of New York City, bicycles are used as the primary method of transportation.

Many of today’s careers no longer exist because every citizen has to have a job that contributes to the survival of the community. The existence of oceans is a myth, because if such a thing truly does exist, it lies outside of the dome. Advanced technology is the only thing keeping the world alive. Transportation around America is still possible through electric subways that run underground to each dome. The domes surrounding the major cities cannot be seen through. The government couldn’t allow people to see just how bad things were on the outside.

This is the life that we will leave for our descendants if action isn’t taken now. It will be hard to conserve so many different resources around the world, but it won’t be impossible. If everyone planted deciduous trees around their homes for shade, AC wouldn’t be needed nearly as much in the summer. In the winter, if people just kept their jackets and sweaters on inside their homes then they could keep their AC off. There are countless ways to conserve water. If you went to the estroom outside every time you had to urinate, just imagine how many gallons of water you’d save by not having to flush so much! If you took no more than a two minute shower everyday a plethora of water could be saved. What’s more important, being sure you’re clean, or saving tons of water? Use the same plates and bowls when you eat too. Keeping a large supply of germ-x at home could take the place of washing your hands with water. Buy a bicycle and pedal to work! Not only will you save money, oil, and stop pollution, but you will also get a great workout! Eat less!

If everyone just stopped stuffing their faces with food, factories wouldn’t have to produce so much of it, animals wouldn’t have to be killed so much, and obesity rates would decline. Clothes don’t get that dirty in just one day. Re-wear them once or twice to avoid having to wash them so often. And finally, donate a quarter of your savings to research on ways to stop pollution, find energy alternatives, etc. We can all follow these simple steps to keep our Earth clean and stay conservative. The last thing we want is for our descendants to have to live in domes. Start being conservative today!

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