Global Warming Assignment

Global Warming Assignment Words: 604

Word One of the biggest issues facing us right now is global warming. Global warming is affecting many parts of the world. Because of global warming, the glaciers are melting which is causing the rising of the water level of the sea. When the level of the sea rises, it causes danger to the people who live near to the coast or lower areas. So this will cause many problems for the people, plants, and animals living in the dry spaces of the earth. For example; when the water level of the sea rises, it will floods the plants, and animal will die. Also, people will lose their homes.

So, in this essay there are four solutions that could help to reduce the global warming: preventing deforestation, establishing alternative ways of transportation, recycling waste products, and using renewable energy. Word The first solution is preventing deforestation. Trees help to reduce the amount of toxic gases that come from different sources on the earth. They are able to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Today, there are many trees cut down because of the high demand for the land space to build houses, malls, buildings, or business projects.

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Also, people cut down the trees to use the wood in some woody products such as papers, boxes or furniture. So, if the deforestation still contain u, there would not be any more trees that help to stop the toxic gases which cause global warming. Word The second solution is establishing alternative ways of transportation. Cars , trucks and trains are sources that help to create air pollution which cause the global warming. Everyday, millions and millions of private cars are driven in the streets. All these cars release poisonous gases like hydrate and carbon monoxide which directly affect global warming.

So, either the governments or the companies should support alternative ways Of transportation. Public transportation like buses and metros are some Paintball 2 ways to solve this problem. Also, when people use bicycles for their transportation, they help to prevent global warming from spreading. Word The third solution is recycling waste products. In many countries, the house’s trash is burnt, and that is the reason for increasing global warming in the world. So, to avoid that, government and people should start recycling the trash.

They should make a big company which is able to recycle the waste reduces and to convert them into some useful products. Word The last solution is using renewable energy. Countries should stop using fossil fuels to create energies. When the electrical companies use the fossil fuel to create electricity, they produce a huge amount of smoke which pollute the air and cause global warming. So, all countries should find alternative ways to generate energy. For example, renewable energy is the safest way to generate energy. Word In conclusion, global warming is a real problem to worry about.

In other words, the world will be affected if no one do anything o stop global warming from spreading. Deforestation must be stopped to protect trees that are able to reduce toxic gases effects. Also, the people should help the environment by minimizing the use their private cars and using the public transportation. Also, home’s trash should not be burned, it should be recycled by big recycling companies to make useful products. Also,the pollution ,whether it is electrical or industrial, should be reduced by using renewable sources of energy. In other word, making small changes in the way we live means avoiding huge changes in the future.

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