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Machines would seem to be beneficial to the capitalist, but both Marx and Blend argued that machines would lead to the capitalist demise. Blend saw the machine as the force that would lead to destruction of the capitalist. The capitalist sought to take profits for himself, which would create inefficiency. The machine does not seek profits, but only seeks to produce. Society’s legalization that engineers and machines would be more efficient than capitalist would lead to machines replacing business people. The effect Blend predicted is highly improbable.

Marx also predicted machines would have a negative effect on capitalists in the capitalist system. In Mar’s perfect capitalistic society the capitalistic surplus profit came from the exploitation Of laborers. When capitalists switch to labor saving machines to cut labor cost, the capitalist lower their future profits indirectly which Marx believes ultimately leads to the destruction of the capitalist system. Machines lower refit because what they cost the capitalist is equal to the profit the machine will produce in the long run.

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