Othello’s Style of Speech Assignment

Othello’s Style of Speech Assignment Words: 271

His speech reveals a high degree of eloquence. I IV,I * unstructured utterances * short and incomplete sentences * many exclamations * pun on the word lie (l. Off. ) * repetition of the words handkerchief (II. 37+ 43) and confession (II. 37+39+42) * illogical connection of the verbs to confess and to hang by meaner of handmaids (II. Off. ) * dramatic irony (II. 41-43)Othello is no longer in control of the words he utters. His statements are confused.

They are characterized by a repetition of his main thoughts that are centered on Deaconess’s betrayal. I Othello state of mind is mirrored by the language he makes use of, e. G short or even incomplete sentences, exclamatory sentences. This shows that he is highly agitated. He makes a pun on the word lie, which can mean both not telling the truth or having sex with someone. Both meanings have come to be identical for Othello at that stage. Other central ideas are also repeated, e. G. Handkerchief, confession or to confess. Confessing and hanging are connected with each other.

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This shows that Othello is no longer thinking in a rational way: While it is possible to hang someone after that person has made a confession, it is not possible to do this the other way round. Dramatic irony: It is not words that shake me thus. (1. 41). The audience knows that it is indeed only words that have confused Othello, because nothing has happened. Othello utterance ends with the exclamation ћO devil! ” (43), an expression that is closely associated with Ago, although Othello does not know this. Othello Style of Speech By Cemetery

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