Interpersonal Communication and Language Style Matching Assignment

Interpersonal Communication and Language Style Matching Assignment Words: 367

When people communicate they resort to their function words that help them structure the message they are trying to articulate. To determine how effectively people communicate with each other computer programs have been able to analyze the effectiveness by analyzing people conversation using their function words and sentence structure. The language style matching website gave accurate assessments based on the messages I used for analysis. I used two different conversations to determine the validity of the assessments given.

Short text messages are not able to assessed accurately due to the word count but it does provide a score for the function words used in the text-messages. Text messages also use abbreviation and moss’s in replace of words, which replaces he use function words. Scores received for text messages were on the lower end at . 61 which means that communication skills between the two parties is poor as well as the quality of the relationship. A message between coworkers was analyzed and received a learning style matching score of . 2, which determine that there is good communication between the people communicating. The communication between the coworkers is formal with little jargon and the structure of the sentence uses grammatical correct English with high similarity function words. Language style matching is a great way to assess relationship in the beginning because couples are new and the may use an informal language and their use of function words would not be as orthodox as formal language.

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After couples have spent time together in a relationship their use of language may change. Healthy communication in relationships is the goal and not the focus of function words. Healthy communication is key to sustain a relationship so as long as couples on communicating amongst others factors they should sustain their relationship. The use of function words focus on one aspect of communication which cannot eely determine how synchronize the couple are.

When evaluating the overall quality of a relationship or how long the relationship may last other variables contribute to the cohesion of the relationship. However, language style matching is a good tool to assess communication problems in relationships or solve communication problems.

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