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Mental Health Mental health is a person’s psychological and emotional well-being. What kind of mental health I there? Anxiety Depression Bipolar disorder Schizophrenia Hallucinations Neurotic Psychotic Mental health break down Alchemist’s Why is it important to recognize and value an individual with mental Health problems? You must talk to the individual because you are showing them attention and you will get to know them and understand what they like. You need to talk to the individual because you need to know their needs, wishes, likes and dislikes, because everyone has different ideas of what they need.

You must listen to the individual so they feel like everything they say is important. If you don’t listen to them they may feel out of control, this is why it’s so important. Ifs also important because you would listen to your friends, so why are they any different, there is also a law called the mental capacity Act which says adults with mental health problems should be allowed to make as many decisions of their own as they can. You must give eye-contact to the individual because if you don’t they could get mad, because they already feel like no one listens to them, so you need to give them eye contact hen talking to them.

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This will show the individual that you are interested and you want to talk to them You should have positive thinking at all times, this is important because the individual don’t think positive, so they need someone with positive thinking to look up too. This will also help them to start thinking positive about their life. You shouldn’t exclude the individual, because they are as equal as everyone else. You should talk to them and not their career this will make them feel important because you are asking them. You should involve them in every single thing that involves them.

Why is it important that you talk directly to the individual with the mental health problem? It is important to talk to the individual because you will get to find out everything about them, and if you don t they will feel an ‘out sides’ because you don’t talk to them you will find everything you want to know. It could make them feel like they aren’t there if you don’t talk directly to them. If the individual is able to answer you and give you the information, then ask them, if they are confused and are unable to answer then that’s when you ask their career.

If you didn’t talk directly to them, then they might feel like they aren’t good enough and left out. It will bring their confidence down and they could get mad. Good communication skills Bad Communication skills Eye contact, with breaks. Not giving eye contact. Body language. Talking with attitude. Hand movements. Slouching. Facial expressions Not facing the individual. Good posture. Inappropriate language Tone of voice. What is person centered support? Person-centered is about providing care and support that is centered or focused on the individual and their needs. We are all individual and are not the same.

Two people might have the same medical condition, for example, dementia, it doesn’t mean that they require the same care and support. When assessing support you will need to consider: – Their individual needs (physical, intellectual, emotional, social and health) – Their culture. -Their means of communication. -Their likes or dislikes. -Their family and other professional involvement. Individuality: Never assumption about the individual, make sure care is suited to the individual their self. Independent: let the individuals do things themselves, don’t take over their life.

They may want to live independent. Privacy: Give the individual spacer give them time when they are on their own, don’t surround them with career they need their own space. Choice: Let the individual say what happens, let them make their own choices. Respect: You need to respect the individual. Respect their decisions. And also respect other people. Rights: Every human being are entitled to humans rights. Example the NASH- How to promote person-centered support when working with and individual with a mental health problem: Ask directly; if needed/ wanted involve family members/ professionals.

Recognize physical, intellect, motional, social language and health needs. Treat as you would want to be treated yourself. Meet the needs Of the individual. Meet preferred communication. Use preferred communication. (sign language, sign symbols. ) You need to make sure you speak clearly to the individual so they can hear what you say and don’t get confused. You need to give everyone respect. You need to make sure risk assessments are carried out and any other assessments that are needed. The individual needs to make their own decisions. If the individual wants to do things on their own you need to let them be independent.

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