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Fine management as the process of monitoring guiding or directing a group of people or things, and s the process of making decisions and then implementing them so as to change, improve or maintain balance. When I think of the term management, think leadership, tact, understanding and fairness. I have been in the work force for almost fifteen years and dealt with an even-hand of managers. Over the years I find that have a better reaction to management staff that operates with these qualities. In my experience, it is often easier to deal with someone who is human and realizes the same about me.

Not that being human should be used as an excuse or scapegoat because as humans we are just as capable of great things as we are otherwise, but feel that having the human element when needing to address staff as it makes one party more relatable to the other and vice-versa. Poor management qualities can stem from poor communication skills and habits. Other qualities that may add up to poor management skills include indecisiveness, stubbornness, someone who is arrogant or shows favoritism, lack of understanding or compromise, and also resistance to change and even one who has a habit of micromanaging. Imagine that management could possibly be quite difficult s managers are required to be responsible for their work as well as their staffs work. Managers may often have tighter deadlines than that of their staff and face additional reporting challenges. Both good and poor qualities may vary based on different situations. Such situations may include work environment. Any manager who has managed more than one department or group of people during their management career has had to face many personality types and various attitudes that differ in each department that they have managed.

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For instance, a manager who is new to a department may encounter a personality that is opposite to their own for the first time and mishandle or react in a way that they may not otherwise. While have not worked my way into management yet, I feel that the management quiz I took provided by The Management Center (2014), revealed interesting results. I imagined myself as the manager for the department where I am employed currently, my coworker’s personalities, my past experiences with acting as the leader of a project and how I would work with them. The quiz soused on three areas: managing my team’s work, managing people and managing myself.

I graded very well in regards to managing people and managing myself but the quiz showed that I may face challenges in managing my team’s work. It went on to describe that I may have trouble keeping staff on the same page about goals and plans to achieve them. I can say that agree with this because I am comfortable pointing out what work needs to be done and I often express ideas or look for feedback from my peers on how to accomplish getting the work done but I struggle at times because I do not ant to be viewed as forceful and often delve too much in what others think Of me.

This to me seems to be due to lack of experience but it is comforting to realize that great managers are often teachable and chewable. Great managers have learned to be so over time and through much experience.

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