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If there are problems between staff, I am the one who needs to find a way for the problem to be worked out so that the staff can go back to doing their job to the best of their ability. I need to be able to fire/let someone go if they are not working well for the position and I am the one that gets the biggest stress from work. Live that being a manager means you have good time management, are a good judge of character can handle problem situations in a timely professional manner and be able to make staff understand that we are all working together for the best outcome of the company/place of employment. A few bad qualities a manager can have are temper problems, a complex where they believe they are better than co-workers and staff alike, someone only wants to do their paperwork job and ignoring staff.

This means that you can’t just do the paper work and hiring, you have to know what the main goals are but if everyone sees their manager as a bad manager because nothing is getting better then you should rethink your priorities as a manager. Qualities of a person, management or staff, can change based off of different situations in their lives but that is when a positive attitude can come into play. If a family member has passed away you may not want to work but sometimes you have to set things aside and do your best while working.

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All aspects of being a manager do not change; you have to take care of everything that is needed for your position and just take it one day at a time. Team Work While taking my Management Quiz, it all seemed like common sense. My results showed that I am doing great in the team work area, meaning that I know how to get staff on the same page about all goals and plans that need done. It stated that I know how to delegate and how to make sure that results are what want them to do be. As a team that can be hard but do realize that everyone is different and it takes different managing methods for some.

One person I may have to show how to do something while another only have to tell them what was wrong. Managing People My people managing skills on the quiz showed that I know how to manage people in general. That would include being able to hire the right person for the job, giving feedback as often as possible and to address any issues in a way that the person/people will understand and be able to do better with their work. I believe that talking to a person one-on-one can help them understand what it is they are doing great and what they need to improve on thou yelling or always being negative.

It takes a positive attitude to have others show a positive attitude even if everything that is being done is not correct. Managing You resell The quiz stated that I am doing a great job in managing myself. This includes time management, using my authority in a way that isn’t abusing my position and understanding my role as a manager. I do know that being manager doesn’t mean get my way, it means that I am working with others to do what needs to be done for the company so that all staff works well together and hat everything is run smoothly.

As a manager the biggest responsibility is on me. Have to be the one that makes sure everyone is doing their best and that am letting them know where their faults are and to do my best to help them fix any issues that they may be having. I am the one that staff comes to when there is a problem and I need to be the one to find ways to fix any issue in a way that no more issues come from the original problem. Conclusion My management quiz showed that am doing great on all aspects of the quiz ND I agree but also know that I can get better with time and knowledge.

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