Conflict Assignment

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Other people, families and even a whole country can have the weight f expectations on its shoulders. If guns are legalized in a nation the government along with many people expect the guns to be used for protection only, but there are some “rebels” who will use guns for killing and destruction. Situations like these spark conflicts. In fact this is the current situation Of America. The legalization of guns was followed by horrific events. For instance one day two men entered a school in columbine and killed 10 children and 2 teachers.

This is completely unacceptable and the question arises who is to blame? The guns or the people. To illustrate this situation we can use the example of a knife. A knife can be used to cut fruits and vegetables, it can also be used to cut other people. Its purpose is up to us humans. Michael Moore has depicted this situation in his famous documentary, ‘Bowling for columbine. ” he blames the people of America for this. He expects the Americans to misuse the guns whereas the national rifles association has different expectations.

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This created a conflict. Michael wasn’t the only one who had such expectations for Americans. There were many who went against the legalization of guns and America was left in a mess. American people are just like children. Basic psychology states that a child will not learn that fire is harmful until the moment he or she comes in contact with it. The government, media and in general a lot of people are trying to warn Americans about guns, but until the moment they kill people they wont realize how bad guns can actually be.

I, personally expect them to misuse guns as it is “cool” to have a gun and act tough in the states. There are many Americans who think that guns can change the world for the better. They have high expectations for themselves. This situation is quite similar to teenagers and parents, which brings us to another point. Teenagers are often flooded with expectations. Parents expect them to work, go to school, study, walk the dog, clean the house but in reality its quite hard to finish this in one day. On the other hand teenagers expect their parents to understand what they are going through.

They expect them to buy them whatever they want and feed them whatever they desire. This creates conflict. Ninety percent of all families will have this problem. This is all due to expectations. Expectations can also cause internal conflict. I always expect myself to be the best at whatever do. Athletes train hard everyday ND expect to be the best in their field. Scientists expect themselves to prove their theories, but I reality nobody is perfect. There will always be someone who comes in second place.

There will be players who have an embarrassing career or a student after all someone needs to be in last place for the winners to exist. These expectations are constantly causing internal conflicts. It can result in purpose or hate and fear. Unfortunately most people who can’t meet their own expectations get depressed and even commit suicide. People often have different perspectives to expectation. Driving can be a very good example. Once you start to learn how to drive you expect everyone to be nice on the road and drive nice and slowly.

Similarly when you get your license you expect everyone on the road to be a good driver. You expect everyone to follow all the rules and this results UN conflict. Unfortunately this type of conflict results in death. The very existence of expectations is resulting in conflicts. Starting from simple conflicts such as, internal conflict to things as large as wars can be caused due to conflicts. With the points provided above it is pretty safe to say that a clash of expectations can cause conflicts.

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