Criminal Justice Systems Assignment

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Schmeltzer (2011 ) b. Laws mean a set of rules, regulations and, principles by following on which for he society runs. Crime can defined as an act of omission forbidden by the state that the punishment has been attached. The relationship between crime and law is without strict enforcement of the law; Crime cannot be prevented. Schema legers (2011) c. The due process model and The Crime Control models is the common model of how society determines which acts are criminal.

Due process has to do with the rights of individual and the right of groups of people individual, quality, formality and, Courts. Criminal control is the efficient maintenance safety for the community is the focus of crime intro issues. Standardization, quantity, informality and, police. Schmeltzer II. Describe the government structure as it applies to the criminal (201 1) justice system. A. The criminal justice system consist of three components agencies. The police, courts and, corrections.

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Each of these components can be described in terms of its functions and purpose. The Criminal Justice System is the aggregate of all operating, administrative and, technician support agencies that performs criminal justice functions. Schmeltzer (2011 ) Ill. Identify choice theories and their assumption in regard to crime. There is a central behavior to the existence and that it is genetically driven by five needs: responsibility and freedom, power/competence/significance, fun/ learning, love/connecting/belonging and survival.

Choice theories state that the decision to commit (or refrain from) crime is an exercise of free will be based on the offenders efforts to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. Every action that takes place can have an equal reaction, positive and, negative. If a person puts choice theories to work in a positive way, there will not be a problem. Choice theory has a direct relationship with crime. The main relevance crime and choice theory have is that criminals are not seen as deviant individuals. Simply put, commit a crime, and go to jail.

Our criminal justice system is based on the concept that persons accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty. Thus, we can define a crime as a wrong against society. Researched (October 30, 2012) IV. Describe the compound of the criminal justice system and the criminal justice process. The components of the criminal justice system are the Police, Courts and, Corrections. Police enforce the law, the Courts adjudicate the saws and the Corrections apply the laws whether it is punishment or treatment they are to protect the community and to make sure criminals are placed so society can feel safe from them.

Each of these components can in turn, be described in terms of functions and purpose with a criminal justice system perspective on criminals generally encompasses a point of view called the consensus model the criminal justice system thrives toward a common goal. That movement is to make sure that criminal cases and people are sent through the system smoothly and makes every effort to cooperate between the various components of the system. The Criminal Justice process consists of investigating arrest/booking.

Pretrial, Activities, Preliminary’ hearing, arraignments, adjudicate sentencing and, corrections. The process in most state system is similar. V. Identify the goals of the criminal justice system. The primary goals of the criminal justice system are to maintain order, punish the guilty and, remove threats from society. All societies are based on the idea of trust in the system that governs the people. To maintain that trust, the system must have a set of rules for dealing with transgressions of the laws of the society (Shadow, 2008).

VI. Address your thoughts on whether the criminal justice is really a system. The criminal justice system was created many years ago. The Criminal system today probably worked 40 years ago. However, today with recession, no jobs, and more crimes occurring; we are facing many changes. With the prison experiencing overcrowded, courts calendars are far backed up and, fewer police on the streets protecting and patrolling the streets for crimes. Believe the criminal justice system has not been for years a real criminal justice system. Until we change or modify the laws, stop the politics’ in the judicial yester and making prison and jail a mass production to warehouse criminals, it will never be a real criminal system. If they start making the judges accountable for some of the jury decision that will take the stress of the jury when making a ruling, if the judges allow the jury to make their own decision with formally giving the jury instructions can set a better presentation to the jury on convicting or not convicting. If the criminal justice System modify the laws more ( I. E. Here strikes laws) or modify it to be a more thorough law by releasing or not placing petty criminals that are being .NET to prison or jails and, reconsider rehabilitation for nonviolent criminals and, house the far more serious criminals in prison that will reduces prison population and start making police be accountable for the things they do that has caused millions of dollars on their accountability of not following by the rules that they swore to protect to the community and not someone out to make trouble, we may have a real criminal justice system.

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