Criminal justice Assignment

Criminal justice Assignment Words: 456

Do you think violent criminals deserve to “feel more serene” as the speaker suggests? Not really, they are in prison not on vacation, they don’t really deserve “special treatment. ” How might the prison benefit from prisoners who are calmer? Well, that prisoner might not get beat up if the others are more calm, so he’s pretty lucky there. Lab 2 What is the prisoners’ primary demand? The hunger strike is the prisoners primary demand. Why are many of the prisoners put in solitary confinement indefinitely?

Well, someone on the video said they’re put there pretty much to make themselves commit suicide. According to the video, how are Californians solitary confinement procedures different from others around the nation and around the world? Do you think this constitutes cruel and unusual punishment? Why or why not? Prisoners are put there, to bring their life all the way down to committing suicide, do think it is wrong and a cruel punishment. Do you think that gang members should be held in solitary confinement, if so, under what circumstances?

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Gang members yes, but not just for having a card from one, that’s quite ridiculous. The video doesn’t mention the crimes that the prisoners on hunger strike were convicted of. Do you think this information would change your opinion on this issue? Why or why not? No it wouldn’t change my opinion, it’s ridiculous either way. Lab 3 What is the fastest-growing segment of the prison population? Aging inmates and those with mental illness constitute the fastest-growing segment of the prison population.

Do you agree that health care is a constitutional right for prisoners? Yes, you canasta’s completely let them die in prison without attempting to help them. How many “lifers” are in California prisons? There are around 26,000 lifers in California prisons. Why does the prison doctor endeavor not to know the crimes his patients have committed? Do you think this is wise? Why or why not? It makes him feel safer not knowing the crimes his patients have committed, and it brings a better relationship between them he said, and yes I do believe it is wise.

Do you think prisoners should be let out on compassionate release? Why or why not? No, because they have been sentenced to life, so they deserve to serve life. What is the recidivism rate for criminals over the age of 55? 9. 5% is the recidivism rate for criminals over the age of 55. In your opinion, does it make sense to keep elderly and sick convicts in prison, even though they pose little risk to public safety? Yes, like I said they have been sentenced to life, so they deserve to serve life.

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