World War Ii Pearl Harbor Assignment

World War Ii Pearl Harbor Assignment Words: 325

WWWhat persuasive images and slogans are featured in your poster? * In our poster, we show the men of the United States in their military uniforms fighting in the war. We also show the women of the United States going to work in the factories and doing jobs that the men were doing before we joined WWII. The slogan we have written on our poster is “If they can do it, we can to”. To what emotion does your poster appeal? Explain. * Our poster expresses equality. When the United States joined WWII, a majority of the men joined the army which meant they had to leave their jobs at home.

This left many industries and factories in need of employees and the only people that were left were women. They proved everyone that they were capable of working in factories just as well (and sometimes even better) then the men. To my lovely wife, It has been a long journey since I officially joined the army. Since those filthy Japps bombed Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt has us under strict training so we can be prepared for whatever comes our way. I never knew what was really going on between the United States and Japan, but this guy I train with told me all about it.

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He said that Japan wanted to gain control and expand as a nation so they decided to work East of Asia and the Pacific. They chose Pearl Harbor of all places because that was our largest naval base so they thought if we can destroy it, they would have an easier opportunity to gain control of the United States. Well they thought wrong! Then men that I have met in this army along with myself are ready to fight and protect our country. These dirty Japps don’t know what they are in for. Just stay safe and tell the kids I said hello. I’ll be home soon.

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