World War I Photo Archive Assignment

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World War I was serious business between the Central Powers and the Allied Powers, starting with the war from Austria- Hungary on Serbia and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. After this conflict, the US, SKI, Germany, Italy, and France were involved. What makes WWW so revolutionary is the change of weapon technology. The first photo to the left (The Western Front, part II, and Armistice) depicts two deceased British soldiers that were gassed.

New warfare included mustard gas, machine guns, heavy artillery, and trench warfare (The Western Front, Part II, and Armistice) shown in the second photo. World War I gas was so dangerous that even when the soldiers were not fighting, they had to wear gas masks (Soldiers and Civilians #35). Barbed wire kept soldiers from entering and exiting inside of the trenches. The war was so frightening that soldiers would get “shell shock” and returned home at the end of the war with, not only a large amount of deaths, but PETS and many there physical/mental health issues.

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Fighting in World War I was not only serious business between the countries themselves, but for the soldiers that fought in it. Over 16 million American soldiers lost their lives, many of them having families of their own. And for the ones that survived, most likely had PETS or other lifesaving mental/physical issues. And sadly, this still happens today with modern warfare. American citizens should always help the soldiers that protect our country whenever possible.

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