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Academic Flanagan United States History II Professor Houseman October 21, 2014 – section 330 After reading Thomas A. Baileys article on “Woodrow Wilson Wouldn’t Yield”, I feel this quote best represents exactly what Woodrow Wilson stood for. He was a man who wanted peace and would not yield for anyone or any country unless it was best for him and our country. In Thomas A. Baileys article, his argument that Willow’s fourteen points and most notably the League of Nations wasn’t passed not Just cause of the points themselves.

But because of Willow’s failure to see little changes and revisions to his plans, the League would have fallen through, instead of pitfall in the Senate like it did. “On March 4, 1919 – 39 Senators or Senators-Elect, more than enough to defeat the treaty-published a round robin to the effect that they would not approve the League of Nations in its existing form. Bailey also argues that Willow’s character, in that his huge desire for morality and idealism, we also much to lame for his stubbornness in keeping the League of Nations unrevised or compromised upon.

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Something that Bailey really touches on is Willow’s desire for his League of Nations was so strong that he inevitably handicapped himself in order to get his message out to the public. When he went touring the United States speaking in public places about the League of Nations, he ended up putting his body in such stress that half of his body became paralyzed. “The high point and the breaking point f the trip came at Pueblo, Colorado, where Wilson, with tears streaming down his cheeks, pleaded for his beloved League of Nations.

That night Willow’s weary body rebelled. He was whisked back to Washington, where he suffered a stroke that paralyzed the left side of his body’. Wilson worked incredibly hard and his desires for the League where so strong, his personal interest where at no interest to himself. The last thing and most evident thing in was Willow’s huge compassion for this issue. If e didn’t have as big of heart he would have never gone overseas to see it through, or put his body up to extreme situations to make sure his opinions were heard. At that time no President had ever gone abroad, and Republicans condemned the decision as evidence of a dangerous Messiah complex-of a desire, as former President Taft put it, to hog the whole show “. Wilson obviously felt responsible for making the world moral, and that responsibility may have been handed to him divinely. This article, truly shows the importance of a determination and going above and ended to achieve a common goal.

Wilson was a very stubborn man and always wanted his points to come out on top. People made fun of him and did not take him seriously which, was one of the reasons he had such a problem with his fourteen points, but he did not let that stop him, which why I admire his compassion and work – ethic. He made a lot of scarifies and did all he could for our nation, and that itself truly embarks the traits of a true and compassionate leader, yet along U. S. President.

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