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One of these men is Thomas , who wrote Common Sense, a pamphlet anonymously submitted in 1776 that emphasized the need for Americans to become independent from in the first successful ant colonial action in modern history’ (Early America. COM). By analyzing his writing we see how his writing techniques capture the audience in a way that very few people had done before. In the Introduction to common sense, Pain gets straight to the point about what he wants to talk about, conveys his “immediate understanding about [his] feelings towards the rule of Great Britain over the States” (. Mom) and the Moment abuse of power” (Pain) that they have placed upon the colonials. By the clever use of diction, he calls the people “sufferers” and “grievously oppressed” to gain their sentiments toward what he feels Is Important, the natural rights of men. He also uses an allusion “a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives It a superficial appearance of being right” (Pain), in order to make the public see the tyranny they are dealing with.

The audience that he writes to not only understand what suffering is they understand that they should not have to put up with this kind of treatment. The whole introduction was brilliantly planned out by Paint because he does not try and beat around the bush or use complicated words or phrases; if he had common people would not understand what he was saying right away. In the section Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs, Pain repeatedly says how America should be independent of British rule.

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That America should not be content with living under a rule that neither respects nor treats them as they would their own citizens of the Home country. In the simile “the least fracture now will be like a name engraved on with the point of a plan on the tender rind of a young oak; the wound would enlarge with the tree” (Pain), Pain wants everyone to see how “disunity would be not only painful and damaging to the American body politic but also an offence against nature” (Barlow).

Which means that if Americans allow themselves to be puppets to the British crown, over time as a tree grows and the carving grows as the tree does, the Americans will grow even to be even bigger puppets to the king. The reason that Barlow feels that this is an offence against nature because every person has rights and should be valued by the country they honorably serve, and also that they have the right to govern their own selves. Pain is angered by the fact that Americans are not given the respect they deserve, so why should they stay In this type of relationship?

He also wants to show readers why he eels the assertion that America has “flourished under the connection with Great Britain, the same connection Is necessary toward her future happiness” (Pain) Is not valid, that just because they helped establish America doesn’t give them the right to There is protection and security that was given to the colonies is not denied, but that is not enough for America to keep its ties to the mother country. For the people who still support the crown, Point believes that they are turning a blind eye toward the treatment they are given.

In his writing, he uses an analogy of between mother ND child and personifies America as a growing child. A child for a time is dependent on its mother but only for a while but as time passes, the child needs to learn how to grow and learn on its own, weaned from its mother’s protection, and as for Americans, it is time for America to set off in its own path. As many of the colonists are religious, he uses this to his advantage to make independence more appealing to them.

He refers to the distance between Great Britain and America as a sign from god, that it is “strong and natural proof that the authority of the one over the other was never the design of heaven” (Pain). He also talks about how the reason the heavens have opened up this land to the people is to escape the prosecution they faced back in the mother country. Referencing the heavens is a smart move by Paint, the fact that many people believe the power of god is almighty only helps his purpose to turn the people to the side of independence, Justice and freedom.

Thomas Common Sense Pamphlet was a great literary work of art that opened the eyes of many colonial Americans to the injustice’s brought on by the English monarchy. Through his logical reasoning and his understanding that he had o reach out not to the high profile people and families but also to the common man, those who would be the back bone to the revolution, and appeal to them in a way that they had never thought he could.

Without his understanding of the importance of the common people, Common Sense would have been a bust, but it was not because Pain put it in a simple, easy to understand and emotional words. Even though all of Common Sense is not analyzed, it is clear that he has a way with words few people can compare to in that time period. Without his contribution to the American Revolution, we may have not been the free, proud country we are today.

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