The Lewis and Clark Expedition Assignment

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While the Corps camped for the winter Chief Shake told them about the Ian d to the west where the Shoshone Indians lived. Lewis and Clark wanted to go, but had no way to communicate with the Shoshone people. While staying near the Mundane during the winter, Lewis and Clark met a Franchising trapper that lived among the Mundane named Tattoos NT Carbonate. Margarita, author of “Sewage: Guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition,” c masticates that Carbonate offered to come along on the expedition as a cook and interpret term and he was given the job after explaining that he could speak the Hiatus language (6).

Carbon AAU had a wife named Sewage who was only fifteen years old. Carbonate had won her in a gambling game with natives the and married her. Sewage was born as a Shoshone, but SSH e was kidnapped as a young child and then raised as a member of the Hiatus. She was taught their language, in which her name was pronounced “Sewage” meaning “Bird Woman” instead of the e original “Showcases” meaning “Boat Pusher. ” Sewage and Carbonate both want De to come along with Lewis and Clark on the expedition, but Sewage was pregnant.

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The Core as of Discovery Were staying with the Mundane for the winter; the same winter that Gewgaws gave birth to a boy that Carbonate named Jean Baptists. When spring came and the ice melt d, on April 7, 1805, Lewis and Clark sent maps, plants, and animals back to Jefferson. That same d ay The Corps of Discovery continued their journey west, now with Sewage, Carbonate a ND the baby boy who Clark nicknamed “Pomp. ” Clark said that the baby reminded him of the R Oman general Pompom, and he grew very fond of the child (Margarita 46, Gunderson 1415).

The expedition continued until June 2, 1805 when the Corps came to a fork in the river. They ended up choosing the south fork and traveled it until they reached the Great Falls almost two weeks later. The group was forced to portage (moving the boat out of the water and across the Cross 7 land into another body of water) eighteen miles around the falls pushing thro ugh cactus, hailstorms, and grizzly bears. Finally on July 4, 1805 the Corps finished the poor tag and stopped to celebrate Independence day as well as their success around the falls by do wing the last one hundred twenty gallons of alcohol that they had left.

The Corps of Discovery I eater continued and traveled until they arrived at the three forks of the Missouri (what would later be known as the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers). Sewage then started to recognize where she was and told the others that they would soon be approaching the land of the Shoshone e (“Lewis and Clark Expedition” 12). Sewage was a great help to the expedition. She saved Carr o from an overturned ship, taught the men to forage when food was scarce, and shows d them how to use every last bit of a kill; all this while guiding Lewis and Clark with a newborn baa by on her back.

Sewage and her newborn child were a symbol Of the Corps peace to all of the native tribes that the came into contact with. The tribes knew that no war party would have a w omen and child along (Margarita 913). In miniaturist, the Corps met a few Shoshone that led them to their chief. As cage was asked to come in to translate, and to her surprise the chief was her broth re, Somewhat, who she had not seen in years. When speaking to the Shoshone leaders, Lewis and Clark would give a message in English to Private Francis Labial who would give the message in F ranch to Carbonate.

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