The Influence of the Scientific Revolution on Philosophy Assignment

The Influence of the Scientific Revolution on Philosophy  Assignment Words: 444

The thought process came much more serious and rational. Culturally, knowledge was now moor e important and a basic part of everyday life. In order to thrive in this new society, you had to be educated. Many new fields were developed through science like astronomy, chemistry, and pH yogis. During the Scientific Revolution, the focus was taken off Of religion for the first time, became use people now found reason to be more important than faith. Many scientists actually went a GA insist the church teachings, and the power was pushed away from the church.

Because of the S scientific Revolution, European Society was changed and shaped differently forever. Philosophy played a huge role in the culture before the Scientific Revolution. Before the Scientific Revolution, the great thinkers of the time were all philosophers like Plato and Aristotle, but now the most prominent figures were the scientists like Copernican cuss and Bacon. Philosophy was greatly impacted because now people thought with a much m ore rational state of mind and rejected previous superstitions and beliefs.

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During the Revolution, new thinkers encouraged the use Of Mathematics and newfound data to create rational rear sowing that was more accurate than before. Many popular superstitions of the time began to fade, lie e Witches and going of witch hunts. Now that people had the scientific evidence of these HTH nags, their superstitions went away and they would only believe fact. Unknown occurrence aces like gravity and the laws of motion were now proved by scientists such as Isaac Newton that h ad evidence of how these things occurred.

These discoveries would lead the people to even more experiments and further deductive reasoning. During the Scientific Revolution, new discoveries changed the way that the pee pole viewed God. Many concepts challenged the Catholic Church and the Bible, hi chi shaped the IEEE of God into one more rational and further from humankind. Concepts us chi as Copernicus’ Centered universe caused much conflict because it was denying that the h evens lay between the Earth and the planets and stars.

Other thinkers such as Isaac Newton were e now able to explain previously unknown occurrences such as gravity, and it led to belief in not needing religion to explain the happenings on Earth. People began to question the ext .NET to which religion could answer all questions. People began to put reason over faith, an d did not emphasize religion as much as before. Many people now had their eyes opened to the w RL of science and began to work rather than worship.

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