The Cause of Scientific Revolution Assignment

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Which was the most important in causing the Scientific Revolution? a) Renaissance b) Printing Explain your answers. Renaissance was important in causing the Scientific. This is so as the Renaissance artists made new discovery in nature. The intellectual who worked with the artisans during the Renaissance also created new technology and ideas. However, printing also played an important role in causing the scientific revolution as more books spread more knowledge around.

The Renaissance artists made new discovery in nature by observing it closely. As the Renaissance artists want to imitate nature, thus they began to observe it closely. This leads to discoveries such as symmetry, proportions and geometry. This was an important to the start of Scientific Revolution as the discovery of that contributed to the curiosity of the people then, who wanted to look at nature closely, thus invented new inventions such as telescope and microscope.

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With the new inventions, people were able to observe nature more closely and that led to the scientific revolution, as the scientific revolution was a period of new scientific discovery made possible with the inventions. However, to invent new technologies, the artisans began to work with the intellectual, which created new ideas such as optics. The co-operation of the intellectuals and the artisans led to trained clerics tinkering with machines and the technicians with little formal education to develop practical expertise.

Thus, they were marvelous craftsman who also investigated the laws of perspective and optics. This led to the start of the scientific revolution, as people are getting more and more skilled and educated. Using the talents that both sides have, they were able to work out geometric methods for supporting the weight of enormous architectural domes, which is an improvement in Physics. As the scientific revolution was about the new ideas they have in Science that was one of the important causes of Scientific Revolution.

However, the Renaissance was not the only one that played an important role in the start of the Scientific Revolution. Printing also played an important role. This was so as Printing led to more books and thus, they were cheaper, which means that the books are more available for the civilians. This spread ideas more quickly and further. As more and more people starts to read, more ideas were formed. These leads to the start of Scientific Revolution as the ideas formed were tested out and some proven to be true, as the Scientific Revolution is about the discovery of new things and formation of new ideas.

In conclusion, the main cause of Scientific Revolution is the Renaissance as the Renaissance made new discoveries in nature that were fundamental to the Scientific Revolution. The Renaissance also invented new technology that contributes greatly to the Scientific Revolution. However, printing also contributed to the start of the Scientific Revolution as the books printed spread ideas that led people to think of new ideas.

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