The Industrial Revolution: Newspaperassignment Assignment

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The spinning factories require a humid and warm atmosphere to be able to function properly, steam engines contribute to the heat in the factory and the children have to work through long days in these uncomfortable hot conditions. Children are being paid unfair and low rates, they are being paid almost nothing. Factory owners are employing more and more children everyday as they can get away with having a large number of workers at a low cost and maintenance. The Children of London are also being used to carry out the most hazardous jobs in the factory, they are ordered to move between boning machinery where adults cannot fit to fix machinery.

They dip matches into phosphorus, this chemical is causing the children’s beautiful teeth to rot later in their life. Some even die because of the long-term effect of breathing phosphorus. Your children are at risk. Children are also employed in the cotton factories but also in mining, which is a very dangerous occupation as there are no safety guidelines. There are often explosions, roofs caving in and trapping the miners most children who work in the mines usually die before the age of twenty-five. Do you want to end your children out into the workforce so early now?

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I think not. Not only are they employed in the cotton factories and in the mining business but also in nail factories, construction sites, gas works, shipyards and chimney sweeping. Child labor is used in almost every industry across Britain. The treatment of the children is appalling, often there are verbal and physical beatings day in and day out. If the children are late to work they ‘weight’ them, this is where they tie weights to them and make them walk up and down the long factory isles as punishment.

This method is used to scare them into never being a minute late. Often the children hope and pray that things would get better, they dream of one day when they are older that everything would be worth it. They receive three small meals every day and asking for more is considered as a crime so most do not dare to try. The days are long and exhausting for these small children and everyday is the same for them, they wake up to eat a bland breakfast then go to work for the most of the day and only once they have done their hours at the job they are allowed to return home.

If they ever brake a piece of machinery it does not matter how much they cry and plead for them not to beat them, they will still do it as punishment for the accident they have created. Every single one of these children in the factory is miserable and unhappy. The vibe in the factories is disgraceful, upsetting, depressing and scary. Do you still want to send your children to these horrible workplaces where they get paid almost nothing and the health and safety risk of the children is extremely high?

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