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In what ways were Brittany the dominant industrial power in the world in 1850? Produced more than 50 percent of the world’s textile products Mined more than 80 percent of its coal Made almost half of its iron Helped other countries to build their railways Provided the machinery for features in other countries Had the biggest and most powerful steam engines, which were also exported worldwide Germany- Germany was not a unified country until 1871; before that, industry developed predominantly in the powerful states such as Prussia.

USA- The united states won independence from Brittany only in 1783; after that, they applied the new technologies to their own context. Before the industrial revolution, Brittany had a powerful Ana and many sea trade routes and ports around the world. It also a dominant colonial power (India, North America, Australia and the Caribbean so it could easily import raw materials and export manufactured and agricultural goods worldwide. The exhibition- The great Exhibition held in London in 1851 showcased Britton’s inventions and goods.

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Other countries then imported, copied or developed their own version of British technology and ideas. Clippers The development of fast sailing known as clippers meant that ships now fuel efficient. They had more space for cargo than steam ships because they were wind powered and had no need for engines Screw propeller The development of the screw propeller in the sass allowed larger steamships to cross oceans, rather than be limited to rivers and coast lines. These steamships could also carry export and import cargoes.

Colonies- during the Industrial revolution Britton’s continued dominance as a colonial power meant that it had a reliable source of raw material imports (cotton from America, tea from India, gold from Australia) and a ready market fro its exports Why was manufacturing slow to take of in Australia? As with North America before the War of Independence, there was an expectation by Brittany that its colonies would export raw materials back to Britain and import manufactured goods from Britain.

Why do you think World War 1 was a turning point for Australia industry and manufacturing? Australia had proved itself as a nation (newly federated in 1901) on the world stage and perhaps won some respect abroad. During the war, British imports to Australia would have slowed and Australians would have had to produce goods for themselves. The industrial revolution By coherently

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