The French Revolution Assignment

The French Revolution Assignment Words: 378

At this point, the king realized he needed money for which he looked to tax the first and the second estate. However, people would always refuse and riot which always forced him to go back on his decisions. This led to the meeting Of the Estates General in 1 787 which would convene to provide approval for taxing the wealthy I. E. The first two estates. There were quite a few problems France was going through at the time including: the national debt that had instantly been building up, inflation, a poor harvest which then led to the food becoming extremely expensive.

The Estates general had not been called for the past 1 75 years. At this point the people/ representatives coming in for the meeting did not know their roles. Were they here as advisers or lawmakers? There was a general excitement for change whilst at the same time the Enlightenment ideas had been going around as people had started reading Nonentities and Voltaire work. Usually, each estate had one vote which meant that the first two estates with similar interests, could easily outvote the third estate. This is why the third estate then demanded individual voting.

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Cashiers (a list of complaints from the people of France) had also been written. 20th June 1789 Oath of the Tennis Court Representatives of the third estate declare themselves the national assembly 14th 1 789 Storming of the Pastille The Great Fear (message to the national Assembly to placate peasants) 4th August 1 789 National Assembly abolished feudalism Removed the Tithe (land tax paid only by the peasants) Cancelled services owed by peasants No privileges for first and second estate 7th August 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen 1.

All men born equal 2. All equal by law Freedom Of speech, press and religion 3. 4. Right to have representation 5. Resist oppression Equal rights to public office 6. 7. Stated and defined “liberty, equality, fraternity 8. Not for women though Lymph De Gouges Declaration of the Rights of Women and Citizen nesses- rejected The Old Regime died hard. Nobles, also known as “magis” fled to England, Italy and Germany while some remained at Versailles. There is a banquet held t the palace in order to discuss the defiance of the National Assembly.

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