The French Revolution Assignment

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Due to these causes, ACH revolution had a unique outcome. Prior to these revolutions there were social Ideals and Issues. Before the American Revolution, different thoughts and ;interests were developing and causing distance between Britain and the thirteen colonies (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, “American Revolution’). Along with growing Identities, the colonists were used too great degree tot Independence. Unlike the American colonists, the people tot France were divided Into three social classes, or estates. This social system was called the Old Regime.

The first estate was made up of clergy of the Catholic Church and the second estate was formed by the wealthy nobles who held high positions In the government. The third estate. However. Was the lower class. Who had no power to influence the government and resented the upper classes (Beck 652). Social inequality became an important factor leading up the French Revolution. Nonetheless. Both revolutions were encouraged by enlightenment ideas, such as life, liberty and property (Beck 641. 652). On both sides of the Atlantic, a just government as sought after, in which an economic being was ensured.

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Economic factors also lead to the commencement of both revolutions. After the British government had passed acts. For example the Stamp Act and the Townsend Acts, which required tax stamps on many items and placed taxes on things like glass, paper, and tea. Since retain Was in deep debt after the French and Indian War, it placed acts like such (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, ‘American Revolution”). Colonists argued that such taxes violated the colonists’ natural rights and argued that t was “taxation Without representation”.

Since colonists had no representation in parliament, they argued that they could not be taxed. Like the American colonists, the lower class in France was heavily taxed. As a result of King Louis XVI extravagant spending and helping the American colonists in the American Revolution, France was deep in debt (Beck 653). The people who were In the third estate paid about half their Income to nobles, the church, and as taxes to the king. This created resentment towards the upper classes and the agreement (Seek 652).

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