The Daunting Effects of Totalitarianism Assignment

The Daunting Effects of Totalitarianism Assignment Words: 305

In the novel 1984, George Orwell utilizes diction and figurative language to portray how a totalitarian government dehumidifies the lives of its people and obliterate their thought. In the beginning of the novel, Winston helps the reader visualize an important Newsweek worker at the Fiction Department with “two blank discs instead of eyes” (53). The usage of “two blank discs” is to describe the person’s eyes as a bleak image of thoughtlessness.

Instead of simply allowing the reader to visualize the actual characteristics of the person’s eyes, Orwell uses “two blank discs” to show that he person accepts the dictatorship. This is enforced by the government, by following all orders the government gives them. The process of having no thought suggests to the reader to the concept of living in a society where government rules all, forces its citizen to accept the regulations that go with it.

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Second, the Winston observes the “quack’s-quacking’ noise that the man is blabbering about (53). The imitation of a duck helps the reader believe that that the person is uttering nonsense. The reader is informed of the rubbish talk through noises and mimicry. According to duckweed’s, he man is speaking without thinking; therefore, the person says the ideals of the government, who could punish any citizen who is disloyal to them.

Finally, Winston describes the man as speaking through his “larynx” not his “brain” (54). The usage of “larynx” is to show that the man Is not about what he Is speaking of. The government monitors what people are allowed to say, so they cannot have their own opinion. Speaking without thought shows that the government controls every thought process the citizens can and cannot have. George Orwell Illustrates how a totalitarian regime can strip people of humanity and obliterate thought.

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