The Cold War and Vietnam Assignment

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The United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were strong with powerful military forces, so they feared each other as had they both possessed the power to eliminate each other. The United States and the Soviet Union, formed an alliance to take on Nazi, Germany during World War II, but this did not bring the two nations together as friends. They were in a constant battle to out-do each other, as both claimed to be the most powerful country. The cold war lasted for decades and the United States and the Soviet Union never fought against each other forever, they did assist other countries in battle.

The United States were allies of South Vietnam, and assisted them in fighting against the communist ruler, Ho Chi Mini, of North Vietnam, with the assistance of the Soviet Union. The politics behind the involvement of the United States is because they thought that they could create a democratic government, they wanted to prevent communism from spreading to our country. This war proved to be expensive, and long, as it spanned over many years. The American people became frustrated and loss faith and trust in the overspent.

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They felt our leaders were not worthy of their positions and they were afraid. My co-worker Louis Riviera, a Vietnam Veteran said “The Vietnam War, effected most people because they did not understand why were fighting against a country that was posed no threat to us. The American people felt most wars have a purpose, but the Vietnam War was all about politics. ” He also stated, “It affected me because felt was saving and serving my country, thought was honorable, but when I came back to the states, I was accused of fighting people that should have been left alone.

Jobs were hard to come by, because not many employers wanted to hire a sick demented war veteran to represent their company, this was due to fear (unwarranted in most cases), and they also feared what the public would say (Louis Riviera, personal interview). ” Many Americans lost their husbands, Fathers, sons, nephews, as the American causalities were over fifty thousand. Many returned home addicted to drugs, injured, loss of their extremities, blind, shell shocked, and thousand offered from postgraduates stress syndrome.

When I was about eight years old, way back in 1 966 or 1967, remember my auntie crying, asked her what happened, and she said my cousin had to go with Uncle Sam. I said, did not know I had an uncle named Sam, She was too upset to explain any further, Later on I found out who Uncle Sam was. When my cousin returned from Vietnam, he was never the same and he never spoke about any of his experiences. In this same time, I also remember, when they started using public service announcements on television and radio, to inform people what to do if an emergency ever arose.

The instructions were to go to the nearest school, and always keep in a fresh stock Of water, flashlight, batteries, canned food and other essentials. In the event of a catastrophe, to protect my family I think it is essential that every household have a survival kit that contains a battery operated radio, batteries, a compass, matches, flashlight, knife, bandages, tape water, blankets, a change of clothes and a non perishable food supply. It is always inefficient to know where the nearest shelter is located.

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