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A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. ” Francis lived up to that quote by starting law program at the “Honorable Society of Gray Inn” Just a year deter starting school Bacon let it to study under Sir Mamas Epaulet (the British ambassador to France. ) From 1584 to about 1617 Bacon worked In the Parliament. During which he was very Involved with politics law and the royal court. In 1603 Bacon was knighted just 3 years before wedding his fiance??e Alice Burnham.

In 1612 Bacon was impeached from the parliament and accused of accepting bribes, the charges however were lifted after spending only 40 days in “The Tower of London” Being forced out of the parliament allowed Bacon to focus on one of his true passions, the Philosophy to science. Ђsmall amounts to philosophy lead to atheism. But large amounts bring us back to cod. ” Bacon believed there was a reason for everything, and that there was an answer to every question.

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His philosophical writings were much deferent than the writings of Aristotle and Plato, because his tailored much more to the scientific aspect of questioning and reasoning. “He placed emphasis on experimentation and interaction”, Bacon wanted to know why things were the way they were and he wanted to solve the answers to the great mysteries to the universe. Bacon had been writing his whole life but really did In his spare time as did projects. However, after being forced out of the parliament he was edible to focus on writing and spent the last 5 years of his life producing the best writings of his life.

The New Atlantis, which was publish in Latin in 1624 and in English in 1627, gave insight to Bacon’s idea of a future human utopia consists of ” a government elected by the people for the people by the selected best of the people. ” Bacon waned a government without politicians. He believed that it the best are selected by the best then there Is almost no chance of failure. Bacon however was not able to completely knish The New Atlantis, It was published d year after his death unfinished and is still considered to be one of the “greatest scientific utopia novels written from his time. Bacon had many more writings published and many of them are still read and enjoyed today. Bacon’s work is generally divided into three categories because of the type of work he did. He wrote about scientific works, religious/literary, and judicial law. Some to his more famous work Includes The Great Inauguration. The new Method, History of Life and Death, Maxims of the Low, and The Elements of the Common Law of England. Bacon’s writings were known for being extravagant at times and it seems as if he could never stray from using highly sophisticated “grand words” Tort Nils tale. Its almost as IT a lectionary AT ten Engel’s language malign De compelled from Bacon’s works alone. ” He was a very intelligent writer and an amazing philosopher. His writings are still prized today and The New Atlantis stands with the great writings of philosophers such as Plato and stretches to Huxley and Skinner. Francis Bacon greatly lived up to his parents’ names, making them proud his entire life. He accomplished more in his 65 years of life than many others did. His hilltop’s was grand and unique and almost like something no one had ever heard or read before.

Graduating college at age 13 to being knighted Sir Francis Bacon was a great writer and one very knowledge driven man. It was almost as if he wanted to obtain all the information he could and explain why things were the way they were. He had a different way of thinking and greatly surpassed his entire generation intellectually. ” Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read” that was said by Sir Francis Bacon and has proven to be true hundreds of years later. Ironically him being one of those old authors to read.

He must have known that his writings would be cherished for generations to come and that his knowledge even though far advanced for his time would eventually be appreciated, enjoyed, and eventually the back bone for future philosophers.

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