Elizabeth I Versus the Stuart Monarchs Assignment

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Elizabeth I versus the Stuart Monarchs Kayla Christie 3rd Block The difference between Elizabeth I and the Stuart monarchs defines the way they ruled and their actions. When comparing Elizabeth I and the Stuart monarchs, one should take in factors such as each individual’s personality, religious views, and views on parliament. Elizabeth I was intelligent, and wanted religious unity in her country. She also believed that parliament was essential during her reign. The Stuart monarchs such as James I, James II, Charles I, and Charles II were not so intelligent, and wanted a definite religion whether it is Catholicism or Arminianism.

The Stuarts also wanted to enhance their authority at the expense of losing parliament. Elizabeth I was intelligent, and would work to keep her reign. In Elizabeth’s speech to the troops before the battle of the Armada she states “…Spain, or any prince of Europe should dare to invade the borders of my realm… I myself will take up arms…” Elizabeth clearly says that she would fight for her country. Being intelligent, she exercised frugality in the expenses of the government and increasing taxation, which showed a sign of a strong and efficient state.

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She wanted to achieve religious harmony. On the other hand, the Stuarts were stubborn. They refused to extend religious toleration. Like his father, Charles I believed in the Divine Right of Kings (that he was answerable to God alone and could not be tried by any court), and he upset the Scottish citizens of his country, many of whom were Puritans, by insisting that they follow the same religion as his English subjects. The result was the two wars that ruined England’s financial state and that would lead to the civil war and his execution.

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