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Nixon had always attended public schools in fact Nixon attended the Fullerton high school but transferred his Junior year to Whittier high school and graduated near top of his class. Nixon then attended Whittler college from 1930-1934 and graduated 2nd In a class of 85. While In college he was the student body president and then went on to go to Duke university Law School on scholarship. It was soon after the Teapot Dome Scandal, which is several scandals that crushed the reputation of President Warren G.

Harding, who served from March 1921 to August 1923 and is often said to be the worst president our country has ever had. At Its core this scandal was about the president’s secretary of the Interior Albert Fall and former Mexico governor taking OLL bribers, In total, Fall received In the anger of $400,000 in cash and gifts from the 011 companies. For the public it was reduced to Fall granting favors to friends who had given him a great deal of money.

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It was after that that Nixon decided he wanted to be a lawyer he told his mother that he “would like to become a lawyer an honest lawyer who can’t be bought by the crooks”, because he knew this was not right. And he became what he said he would an honest lawyer. In the August of 1942, Nixon Joined the navy he started off as a lieutenant Junior grade then rose to lieutenant commander; he served In the Pacific, mainly In Logistics. He then left the navy In January of 946 when the republican party of Whittier asked him to run for congress.

Nixon was then asked to join the house of UN-American activities committee. Where he became involved in there campaign against subversion. In 1947 the HUSH began its investigation into the entertainment industry and was responsible for the blacklisting of 320 artists. This and many other cases brought Nixon to the publics attention and In 1952 Dwight Eisenhower chose Richard M. Nixon as his vice president running mate But during the campaign Nixon was accused of receiving $18,235 dollars from private citizens, hill on national TV he accounted for the money and Eisenhower allowed him to stay on the team.

They were successful and beat the Democratic Party candidate Dalai Stevenson by 33,936,252 votes to 27,314,922. Of course as with any presidency there were issues one of the big ones happened in October 1 953 when Joseph McCarty began Investigating communist Infiltration Into the military where attempts were made to dishonor Robert Stevens the secretary of the army. Eisenhower was extremely angry and wanted to stop Ancestry’s actions so he asked Nixon to attack him.

So on the 4th of March, 1954, Nixon made a speech without using Ancestry’s name but still making it clear who he was talking about said: “Men who have in the past done effective work exposing Communists in this country have, by reckless talk and questionable methods, made themselves the Issue rather than the cause they spokesman where he traveled vastly and impressed many other leaders with his knowledge in foreign affairs. In 1960, After Onion’s 8 years with Eisenhower he ran for president but lost to John F. Kennedy by only 100,000 votes.

So Nixon settled for being a lawyer in Los Angels. A short while later Nixon ran for governor of California and lost, so he then announced that he was retiring from politics. But in 1968 he changed his mind when he won his party’s presidential nomination; he then picked Spiro T. Agene as his running mate. Then with much surprise to Nixon himself, he won, he was finally president and in his January 19, 1969 president’s inaugural speech he promised to bring our nation together once more. Another one of Onion’s promises was to end the Vietnam War.

However when they were discussing at the Paris peace conference it was not doing any good so Nixon decided he was going to intensify the war by bombing the National Liberation Front bases in Cambodia. And by 1972 Nixon was convinced that a victory in the Vietnam War was not going to happen and the vice president was beginning to agree when Nixon proposed another option. The other option was for the American troops would retreat from Vietnam in exchange for a cease-fire and the release of 566 American prisoners held captive in Hanoi.

This was also agreed that the north and South Vietnam governments would stay in power until a new election was arranged to unite the whole country. The problem with this was that as the US troops were leaving the entry Vietnam troops would stay in their positions in the south so in an effort to put pressure on the Vietnam troops to withdraw Nixon ordered a series of air-raids on Hanoi and Hopping. This bombing was the most extremely intense bombing in world history. Over the course of 11 days 100,000 bombs were dropped on both cities.

However the Vietnamese refused to change so in January 1973 Nixon signed the peace plan. Although the bombing was proved to be of great significance with the American public so they now believe that north Vietnam was bombed into submission. Now the most talked about issue pertaining to Mr.. Richard Nixon would probably be his “Watergate Scandal. ” This scandal was a political scandal during the sass’s in the US, ultimately leading to Onion’s resignation and resulting from the fall of the Democratic National Committee (or the principal organization governing the United States Democratic Party on a day to day basis. . With this 5 white house operators were arrested for burglarizing the workplaces of the DON, in the attempt to illegally wiretap the opposition by members of the Republican Party. Later it was revealed that President Nixon had recordings of many conversations about the Watergate issue. The recordings from these tapes implicated that Mr.. Nixon had attempted to cover-up the break-in. Then after a series of court battles Nixon was told to give the tapes up and he ultimately complied. Then facing near-certain impeachment Nixon resigned as president on august 9, 1974.

Official being the only president America has had that has resigned that ended in the accusation, trial, and conviction and imprisonment of numerous Nixon administration officials. Also his probably most famous quote would have to be him holding his fingers up like a peace sign saying “l am not a crook. After his resignation in 1974 Nixon and his wife returned to their home in San Clement, California. Then he was said to be in isolation in his home for a while suffering sadness and shock.

Then in 1974 ford prosecution. Sadly on April 18, 1984 Nixon suffered a severe stroke: while preparing for supper at his Park Ridge New Jersey home. Soon he couldn’t move any part of his body and slipped into a deep coma. He passed away with his daughters by his side on April 22, 1994 he passed at the age of 81 . His funeral took place April 27, 1994 where several former presidents attended including Carter, Reagan, Ford, and George H. W Bush and the current president at the time Bill Clinton.

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