Revolutionary war Assignment

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War, a quick thought of weapons, attacks and military strategies come to mind. However, the war of words were not only influenced changes with this time period but also shaped the future of America and literature. During these conflicting times of obtaining freedom from British reign, American leaders pulled upon rhetorical devices to strengthen their fight for freedom. These persuasive techniques influenced beliefs, attitudes and even the course of America and literature.

The new defenses for American leaders were grounded in the recursive performance of public leaders and speakers like Patrick Henry, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Their performances became so respected that leaders of today strive to perform with the same eloquence and most impressionable outcome. Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson all used the power of performance in hopes of a better America.

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Rhetorical strategies and techniques became the most powerful mechanism for change. Independence was given to the colonies, foreign power became Justified, read and opportunities increased and a clear definition of worldly freedom and independence were conveyed. During the Revolutionary time period, theses opportunistic leader used a mix of persuasive appeal in order to shape and changed the face of America. Each had developed logical appeal with well-reasoned arguments.

Fad’s sad, and anger yet desperately seeking retaliation discussed the major causalities and brutal invasions that occurred on Pearl Harbor. Henry shared the conflict that was among them and the entrapment that was felt due to the affection of the British leaders. Both shared a mixture of strategies in order to pack power in their message. Some techniques were similar like repeating words or phrasing in order to stress the importance of a word or phrase.

Mostly the words that are being stressed directly relate to the speakers desired outcome. Powerful word selection was initiated in order to draw the audience in and connect them through arousing feelings. FED used words like “liberty’, ” engrave danger” in order to instill the serious threat that has been placed upon the United States during the time of he Revolutionary War and ” unprovoked” to reinforce that the United States has been innocently attacked.

Patrick Henry did the same as his spoke with firmness with words like, “tyranny,” in order to irate fear and “liberty’ in order to suggest the ideal life American’s share due to freedom. Once a leader evokes trust and a connection, it seems to be easier to gain support. FED and Henry used moral superiority as well as an appeal to self-preservation to show that they had their audience best interest in mind, they can be respected, and God is providing guidance as well as strength. Both used these strategies as well as others in order to persuade their audience to support battle.

These strategies played an integral role in changing history. Today speakers use these strategies in the same manner; to achieve a given goal through the manipulation of emotions. The Revolutionary War was a time for change; change for America and change for the way man stood up for freedom. Prior, fighting for freedom only came from the bloodshed on the battle fields as men and women were sacrificed. The Revolutionary revolutionary war By Sharpshooter as the foundation of choice.

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