Problems in Jamestown Assignment

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Jamestown struggled as a young colony, striving to become something big, but lacking the needs to get there. Sources of food and water were scarce at some points, malnourishment it’s settlers. There were also conflicts with the Indians, which only created tension and a lesser population. Many people colonists lost their lives in the new found colony of Jamestown due to poor conditions and ignorance. One of the main problems in Jamestown was water, whether it was lack of it or contamination and food. Fresh water wasn’t always available, so wells were dug, which then leads to chances of drought.

Rainfall was very low in the early years of Jamestown which had a major effect on crops and the population dying off. Also, since some of the rivers were contaminated this led to disease which was one of the most common ways people were dying. Food sources were available although they weren’t as abundant as most would want. There was a large amount of fish present in streams during spring and summer however not all the colonists were using that source wisely. Some of the colonists didn’t always make the smartest decisions leading to mistakes that only hurt the vulnerable colony more.

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Many of the settlers were hungry for gold and spent all their time searching for their own profit. They should have been gathering provisions at this time and would soon realize that when they went hungry, adding to the death toll. One other problem Jamestown struggled with was keeping peace with the Indians. During the starving time, many settlers were desperate to get their hand on whatever provision they could. Without a good economy and a unified system, no Jobs were available and no crops or trade were coming in or out. So they settlers turned to stealing the Indian’s food and that led to struts and ambushes.

That was not what Jamestown needed and Just led to more dying people and one less ally that had needed supplies. Jamestown did not have the right system going as a young colony and lost a big amount of people due to it. The lack of provisions and the disease really had a major effect on population. Also, they’re little knowledge on how to fend for themselves and not make enemies dug them into a deeper hole. The first years were really rough and the consequences were shown throughout this time. Problems in Jamestown By abscission

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