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Teaser: want to decrease the money you are spending on gas by at least 500%? Tired of the Los Angels traffic? I have a way to get you to your destination faster and look cool while you do It! A motorcycle! 2. Audience Relevance: As college students, between school, work, and other extracurricular satellites we have neither the time nor money to spend In our cars wasting gas stuck In traffic. 3. Personal Credibility: I myself am a licensed motorcyclist with 3 years of road experience and it has its perks, but before you go down to the nearest dealership there is some very important information you need to know! . Thesis: Motorcycles are seen as dangerous and no parent would recommend one for their child but if people were more aware of the responsibility, culture, and advantages of a motorcycle then it would change the minds of many and would benefit individuals from all walks of life. 5. Preview: People are afraid of the unknown, I want to tell you the facts and give some examples of why a motorcycle Is not as bad as you think so that maybe If you are afraid of them, when you leave here you wont be. II. Second Point why are motorcycles good 1 .

Mill Thesis: A big reason why people are turned off by the thought of getting a motorcycle is because they do not believe it applies to them anymore because of their age or interest and the fact is that there are different cultures of motorcycle making it accessible for all walks of life. A. Just because one aspect of something does not appeal to you does not mean the idea should be thrown out completely. B. We must enjoy the simple things in life to be happy and give meaning to everything else is life. 2.

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Example: if you wanted to go cruise down PC every so often you might e interest in a Harley Davidson, you are a little older and like to travel with your significant other you may want to get a travel bike, and If you’re a kid that likes to get places quicker and have more invulnerability then a street bike may suit you best. Ladles I did not forget about you. If you do not want all that power under you then an alternative with better gas mileage Is a moped or scooter. 3. Example: People also join bike clubs which can include parties or long rides to different states, it can make you a part of something bigger than just yourself. . Transition: We can take any activity and make it our own to make it fun exciting or even advantages but we first must learn about the subject to fully understand why it is done. We could miss out on a great experience. Ill. First point why are motorcycles bad 1 . Mini Thesis: Many people buy bikes for various reasons but few understand the Responsibility of having a motorcycle if more people were educated in this matter it would reduce accidents that hurt others and cause fatalities giving motorcycles a bad reputation. A. This reminds me of a quote from Albert Einstein “Any fool can know.

The point Is to understand. ” B. You must take full responsibility to know what you are driving and to understand the harm you can cause to yourself and others. C. If a person Is unaware of the potential danger then he or she Is unaware of the power they possess in their hands. D. In California it is recommended to have taken a of 18. E. This really helps an individual determine if he or she is ready for a motorcycle through a 5 hour classroom session and a 15 hours driving course over 2 days. 2. Example: I had a friend named Michael…. If he would have known better… . Transition: There is also more to riding a bike than getting places, it can bring another hobby to one’s life and maybe even some meaning. ‘V. Third Point the reality 1. Mini Theses: The first thought in a parents mind when they hear their kids mention motorcycle is “NO! ” they feel it is dangerous because of stories from friends, family, and the news but if they fail to realize the benefits it can actually have for anyone that need to travel locally without having to worry about having too much money for gas or time to get from place to place. A.

In Los Angels this is a major robber because of the excessive traffic we experience. B. Also the gas prices have become a major problem as of late especially for out of work or minimum wage earning students. C. According to ….. Motorcycles get to destinations 10 times faster D. You can save up to 5 times the gas. 2. Transition: the Advantages of having a motorcycle is Just a small part of what should be known by anyone interested in purchasing or using a motorcycle for transportation or recreation, we should be knowledgeable of all of this information to give an accurate opinion of something. V.

Review 1 . Thesis: Motorcycles are seen as death machines for some people but those who are aware of the responsibilities, Culture, and advantages of motorcycles realize that there is nothing to be afraid of but rather something to be used as a tool or to enjoy. 2. Tieback: Driving a motorcycle is not Just about doing tricks or driving MPH it has more attachments which requires a person to not only be more knowledgeable about the responsibilities of riding but also the culture and advantages. I believe Einstein was trying to say knowledge is the key but it is not enough, we must understand it.

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