Pearl Harbor Interactive Map Assignment

Pearl Harbor Interactive Map Assignment Words: 472

How did the United States attempt to halt the Japanese before the attack? They shot the submarine and it sunk. . On which Hawaiian island is pearl Harbor located? AAU 4. What did Bert Davis and Warren Law think the chances were for a Japanese attack? Bert Davis thought that it wasn’t goanna happen as quick as it did. Warren Law thought that they weren’t going to do it. 5. How many Japanese planes were in the first wave of the attack? 1 83 6. Which ship fired the first shots Of the war between the U. S. And Japan? Did the first shot hit?

The Us Destroyer Ward and the first shot did not hit but the second one did. 7. At what time did the Ward report that it had been engaged? 6:30 8. Why does this message move so slowly? . At 0720 an officer in training shrugs off reports of the planes that were sighted… Why? For security reasons he cannot tell radio operators. 10. At 0733 a message arrives in Honolulu, what happened that led Roosevelt to believe there may be an attack? A decoded Japanese message. 1 1 . According to Japanese pilot Harbor Hosing, how did they judge how high to fly?

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If the spray from the torpedo hit the wings 12. When the attack started what had the Japanese hoped to see, and didn’t? Aircraft carriers 13. How did Warren Jones know that this was not a drill? 0755 He heard guns firing from his side of defense 14. What mistake on the part Of the Japanese led to the Utah being hit? They saw the wood-covered decks, and Hough she was a carrier 15. After reading about the Oklahoma, what happened which made it hard for the crew to escape? The battleship rolled over 16.

Why was the Arizona hit by torpedoes and tables not? How were Carl Carbon’s and Warner Falseness experiences different? The torpedoes went under the Vestal and they were different because Carl was on the Arizona and Warner was on the Vestal. 17. Where was Mary’ Ann Ramsey? What does she remember? She was on Ford Island, and she remembers exploding of bombs, whine of lanes, fragments exploding, smoke everywhere 18. Who was Dories Miller? Why is he considered such a hero? Dories Miller saved and injured captain and then shot down 3 Joneses planes 19.

On the West Virginia 3 men survived trapped until what date? What happened? December 23, and they died because the air gave out 20. Why couldn’t the B-1 7 Flying Fortresses that arrived from the mainland help? It couldn’t help because they didn’t have any gunfire 21 . Why was the explosion on the Arizona so devastating? It was so devastating because it killed 11 77 men and it all happened in 9 minutes 22. Who was America’s first prisoner of war? Ensign Kane Kamala 23. Why did the Nevada not continue with her escape?

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