Napoleon: Terrorism and People Assignment

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As long as the overspent keeps us safe, we don’t mind what they do. But is that really freedom? Or are we saying we are willing to give up our freedom for safety? I’m not sure, and neither was Napoleons society. The French people in the eighteen hundreds were tired of wars, battles, bloodshed, and unrecognized governments. They wanted someone who would take over completely and keep them safe. Napoleon promised to do so, keeping the people satisfied. In doing this, they had to sacrifice many freedoms. One example of these would be freedom of speech.

Napoleon wouldn’t allow the press to say anything bad about him or express an opinion that he did not approve of (Smiths). This was the same way for his enemies. He did not want the people of France to hear anything negative about him, which also meant nothing negative would be allowed to be said. Napoleon also drafted many soldiers before they turned eighteen. So young guys, at the age of seventeen, sixteen, or even fifteen, were drafted to go out and fight for their country (Vigil). They had no say in the matter. If they were chosen, they had to go.

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This kept France safe, but mothers and families worried. All of these freedoms were given up for their own security and safety. Elms pig. 2 In our society today, many of the same things have started to happen. Especially after the incident on September 1 1, when many people were killed after terrorists flew airplanes into our twin towers. Things have changed since then, and so have our mentalities. We want a nation that is safe and secure. We choose a president that we believe will not only lead our country further, but keep it safe in the meantime as ell.

What are some freedoms that, unknowingly, we might give up for the safety and security of our people and our country? To start, before entering into the airport, we must go through security. For the younger people, like myself, this is nothing new. It is something we have done for most of our lives. But for most of America, it didn’t start out like this. They didn’t have to always be checked and scanned to see if they have any guns or weapons on them. They didn’t have to take off items of clothing before entering an airport.

Nor did they have to put their liquids and lotions into a plastic bag separately to be checked. They simply Just walked into the airport to board their flights. But this is the effect of the terrorist attack in 2001. We want safety freedom is given up to keep our country in check (“3-1-1 for Carry-ones”). In my opinion, it is worse to have people with an attitude that will allow themselves to be dominated rather than a domineering government in itself. Why? Because all an egotistic government can do in the end is try to have control over the people.

Yes, hey can get by with doing it if they are taking it to the extreme by punishing people for disobeying and such. But if the people themselves believe they should be dominated, rather than having their own freedom, our world has come to a sad place. Each person should be able to have their own rights. For example, many people believe in Christianity. In many Muslim countries, that is not allowed. If they believe in Jesus Christ and living for him, they can be executed. They have no choice in their faith. That in itself is already a huge problem for our world today.

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