Napoleon of Animal Farm Assignment

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Throughout the book one can see the true effects that communism has on people, and not the covered up communism that is displayed to the world. One of the lead characters in animal farm Is Napoleon. Napoleon is a Berkshire boar who eventually becomes the leader of the farm. Napoleon is also a representation of Josef Stalin. Through napoleons life one can see that true communism Is cruel, Inhuman, and capable of any dastardly deed.

Napoleon Is a cruel, conniving pig. Napoleon doesn’t play much of a role In the Minimal rebellion. After the dust settles he trains nine dogs (the KGB) to chase away his rival Snowball from power. Snowball was more popular than Napoleon so napoleon had to create a secret weapon to keep him In check. When the dogs return to him after they chased snowball off, “It was noticed that they wagged their tails to him In the same way as the other dogs had been used to do to Mr.. Jones. “(53)The dogs served as napoleons secret police eventually assassinating snowball.

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He sets himself p in a position that no one could touch. He “Spent all his time in the farmhouse, which was guarded at each door by fierce-looking dogs. “(55) As soon as he moves to power, it becomes clear that he has very little interest in Old Major’s prophecy. Napoleon doesn’t care if all animals are equal or if they control the means of production. Napoleon was a greedy pig that wanted more that he already had and he was willing to do almost anything to get more. When the harvest started to fail Napoleon decides to fill the granaries with sand to hide the smaller harvest.

He did this to show how great his system worked, but Animal Farm’s productivity slumped off. We can see that napoleon was a cruel, conniving pig that would stop at nothing to get his way. Napoleon is inhuman to the other animals. Napoleon squashes the hen rebellion by cutting off their food rations, causing a number of hens to die of starvation. Then Napoleon demands that various animals come forward and make false confessions before the group. He gets rid of anyone contradicts him. After he reveals them as traitors, “the dogs promptly tore their throats out. 84) In this way, Napoleon takes out the four pigs who sometimes disagreed with him, and the hens who acted as ringleaders in the rebellion. Napoleon, like Stalin, had a “Great Purge” discrediting and killing any that opposed him. “And so the tale of confessions and executions went on, until there was a pile of corpses lying before Napoleon’s feet and the alarm was heavy with the smell of blood, which had been unknown there since the time of Jones. “(84) Napoleon was capable of any dastardly deed. To make sure he Is untouchable Napoleon would protects himself on all fronts.

With the help of Squealer and the other pigs, he re-wrote history, turning Snowball Into a villain, and Increasing his own role In the Rebellion, without showing the truth behind the story. He used his political power to essentially re-wrote Russian history, Glenn himself a much larger role in the revolution than he had actually played. He relied on the stronger animals, like Boxer and Benjamin to influence the others. If anyone napoleon kept tight control over the media. He made statues and paintings of himself so the children would have to see him.

When he was questioned about disobeying his own rules he has Squealer explain that they were only doing it to, “Carry out our duties”. (67) Whether or not Napoleon’s the most intelligent pig on the farm, we know that he’s certainly the most cunning. By the end of the novel, Animal Farm is run according to Napoleon’s will. Through napoleons life one can see the true heart of communism and the effect that it has on millions of lives. By looking at Napoleons life one can see that true communism is cruel, inhuman, and capable of any dastardly deed.

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