Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Assignment

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All orphans are our sons and daughters, and caring for them is part of our religious, moral and governmental duties. ” Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rash AAA Maximum The AAU has one of the best standards in relevance to Orphans’ rights within the Middle-east, Many charities and individuals are responsible for orphans and have taken the task of donating and managing for the good of the orphans. Even before signing the UNC the AJAX Government had always been taking Orphans into inconsideration by providing free shelter food and education.

According to the UNC, health care, education, a good living standard and the right to play are rights of every child in the globe(Al-Serial 2009). The rulers of the emirates in the I-JAKE Build and donate a lot for Orphan homes and are very focused on how to offer orphans a better living standard. Taking care of Orphans is a very important part of the Islamic religion, which is the Countries Religion, and is now considered to be more of a moral and a governmental duty(Al-Sandals 2013).

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The country spends more than $35 million a year on orphans and projects to elaborate the standards of the Orphan children(ibid). Having such great investments for orphan care the AAU faced many problems which started to clear out by time, where orphans were adopted Just to be working as maids and never attended school, in some other cases the children were forced into marriage and kept hidden in houses until they became adults. The government created many campaigns and investigations and succeeded in stopping the child buses made by the adaptors.

The AAU succeeded by creating investigation teams made of psychologists and social workers which visits the homes every now and then and question the child to uncover any issues(Al-Serial 2009). 1 AAA-Sandals, Baseman. 2013. A loving Home for the Abandoned in the AAU. Stable URL: http://selfness. Com/news/gulf/AAU/society/a-loving-home-for-the-abandoned-in- AAU-1. 1175592 AAA-Serial, Miriam. 2009. Sponsoring AAU Orphans. Stable URL: http://selfness. Com/ news/gulf/AAU/general/sponsoring-AAU-orphans-l . 45464

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