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After pondering deeply the opportunities and military status of our Empire today, we have decided upon a risky but not to be missed opportunity to begin expansion into Western territories. Our first point of attack will be Pearl Harbor. This decision calls for extraordinary and drastic military action to be taken. Despite the seemingly overwhelming odds of failure we must approach this mission pragmatically and exploit any and every possible advantage we discover. Currently U.

S. A scum regard most of if not all Western territories including the Pacific region under their authority which they have seized control of. We will prove them wrong. The ignorance and selfishness of taking control of so many more territories when they already have so much land demonstrates their evil nature of thieving and greediness. God does not wish such luxuries to be imposed on those who are so undeserving. And so It is our Emperors and God’s wish that we rightfully take what is so rightfully owed to the people of the Great Empire of Japan.

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The current embargoes placed on our Empire today are in no doubt suffocating the very life out of our war effort. We cannot afford to sit back and be constantly bullied and persecuted by the evil Westerners while our expansion grinds to a halt. We must do something, we must retaliate… We must attack! Given our current situation we must neutralize or subdue the U. S. Pacific Fleet in the Pacific region in order to prevent U. S. Forces from interfering in our current military actions in South East Asia. The current position of these American warships is close enough to Japan to inflict a swift attack given they are ordered to do so.

Also they will mean a strong resistance when expanding into Pacific territories in the future. The primary targets (carriers and warships) are located at the naval base at Pearl Harbor. The expansion of our Empire is dependent on this outcome. The success of this mission will have momentous effects on our war effort. It will provoke fear and self-doubt in the enemy’s hearts whilst empowering our own soldiers. The new found belief that even the fiercest tiger can be slain will engulf our entire Empire with a new sense of hope and confidence that will never be doubted again.

Most importantly the defeat at Pearl Harbor will deliver a severe blow to American morale and thus discourage Americans from committing to a war extending into the Western Pacific Ocean and Dutch East Indies. This is one of the main reasons battleships are amongst primary targets since they regard them as invaluable and prestigious to their country. By doing this successfully we will be in a dictating position, enabling our forces to conquer Southeast Asia without interference as well as expanding into the Pacific basin.

Once Pacific territories are under our firm command we will force the Americans to negotiate on our terms such issues as the removal of current industrial embargoes and perhaps a desired increase of support for our expansion efforts. The risk and reward of this mission clearly are in favor of reward; we cannot let these American threats hinder our progress any longer. Recently Japanese diplomats as well as Prime Minister Keno have made attempts to meet and negotiate for the removal of these embargoes and an end to this conflict, however there are no signs of advance or betterment. The U.

G’s ignorance continuous to show and they refuse to discuss such terms unless Japanese forces are removed from China. We will not be controlled and restricted to Japan itself. Our affairs are of no concern to foreign governments in the West. As I said before the extremely restrictive embargo placed on our country’ cannot be ignored and the fate of our Empire is absolutely dependent. Over 80% of our oil is from the LLC. S, without it we military expansion will dissipate in a manner of years. The attack on Pearl Harbor will commence on Sunday the 7th of December 1941 at the location of Pearl Harbor at 0600 hours.

Reports from a reliable source at the location of attack indicate navy personnel and the general population on the island are most relaxed on Sundays. Primary targets for this mission have been located in the Harbor. Our first objective is to destroy al aircraft carriers followed by large warships and planes. We cannot be certain if the carriers will be present at the the time of the attack, if they are not present the mission will continue with warships and craft becoming the primary targets. It is important we succeed in destroying these carriers.

If we can destroy their carrier forces the US will struggle to transport things such as: submarines, aircraft and a military infantry to and around the pacific basin as well as (most unlikely) the Japanese homeland itself. Furthermore, the possible chance of a counter attack foam the Pearl Habit region will be eliminated or greatly weakened. In any case we are prepared. These prove my point of the importance of destroying them as it will prove invaluable to us at the time and in the near future swell.

After the attack our expansion into Pacific territories will be largely uncontested. The location of these vessels are at battleship row, this will be the first point of attack. The attack itself is not in the hopes of completely wiping out all American forces or to even to overthrow the Pearl Harbor territory itself. This would be almost impossible as it would be too time consuming and increase the risk of a enter attack. It is rather to inflict heavy casualties and damages to the heart of the American naval pacific fleet by extensive aerial bombing. Sing aircraft and submarines to inflict a quick devastating assault so we may quickly continue expansion into other Pacific regions without contest. Thus, occupying a powerful position where the U. S will have no other choice than to negotiate. The U. S forces are powerful. We have not underestimated them in the slightest, rather we have manipulated them into a position where their Pacific stronghold has been disabled. Without Pearl Harbor their closest naval purport units are thousands of miles away on the U. S coast.

This will allow more time for Japanese operations to commence, whilst other American navy forces from the U. S coast struggle to reach the Pacific in time to prevent our expansion. The quicker we can occupy territories after the attack the less chance we will be contested by the Americans. As you may see a large amount of pressure has been place upon the mission of Pearl Harbor because of the difficulty in catching the base completely off guard as well as destroying all American naval carriers whilst under fire. Cannot stress the importance that we succeed.

I will remind you that the very future Of this Empire depends upon it. First and foremost our 6 aircraft carriers will carry some 400 aircraft 230 miles north of the Hawaiian island of AAU. Carriers will release a total of three waves of aerial attack in the early hours on Sunday morning (apron. Errors) led by Commander Mitosis Fuchsia. The first wave of attack consisting of of some 1 73 Chichi DADA “Oval” and Making BONN “Kate” torpedo bombers will perform the first air-raids on the Awe Mooring Mast Field and Wheeler field before disabling American navy vessels situated on the east coast of F-rod Island (in Pearl Harbor).

The primary targets mentioned before will be aircraft carriers as well as other battleships moored in the Harbor. Kate torpedo aircraft have been fitted with new torpedo prototypes designed with wooden fins to allow the torpedoes to travel effectively in shallow waters (horizontally) and strike the hull of resting vessels and allow easier penetration because of the weaker metal found on the underside. This will be of significant advantage in targeting battleships in the Harbors shallow water RSI. Kate Torpedo Bomber A total of 28 submarines will accompany the assault.

Most will be used to roped any American battleships that manage to escape the Harbor. A few will be sent into the Harbor before the aerial attacks begin to torpedo resting navy vessels. The second wave of attack composed of 1 59 Oval and Kate aircraft will follow roughly an hour after the first wave. Planes will pass over the Western flank of AAU island assaulting the main Kankakee naval air station and Bellows Field naval headquarters before proceeding to targets on battleship row and Ford Island.

Enemy planes will be situated on the airstrip of Ford Island and in nearby hangars, these will be targets for Oval aircrafts which have large explosives (keg) intended for this very situation. Without the presence of enemy aircraft in the air we will have complete control of the airspace and be able to dictate the attack without aerial warfare. In the unlikely event that they do manage to get airborne, specialist fighter planes will target and engage with them. All aircraft bombers must be protected.

Oval Bomber Our third wave of attack will ensure shortly after the second wave and target the remaining aircraft at Ford Island and Hickman Field but most importantly the American oil storage units located North-East of Hickman Field. Without heir main supply of oil an immediate counter attack will be greatly weakened as well as any possible future attacks. This wave will be made up of approximately 70 Mediumistic MAMA “Zero” fighter planes armed with mm cannons as well as the added support of Oval aircraft from the second wave.

Mediumistic- AM Zero fighter taking off from carrier It is important enemy vessels and aircraft are damaged beyond a state of recovery or salvage. This defeat must be crushing to cause a blow to American confidence. This attack was developed in the nature of precision and aggression the last thing we want is a half hearted attempt on such an important mission. Have the outmost confidence in our military’ and any problems we may encounter on this mission as our advantages clearly outweigh those of the American’s.

They may outgun us with military and navy forces far superior to that of our own however we have discovered the chink’s in their armor. One of their biggest weaknesses is their constant routine of relaxation on Sunday’s. We have integrated this as a prime factor into our plans by ordering a surprise attack on the Habit. By achieving complete surprise they will be powerless when we attack. We expect some confrontation after twenty or so minutes however by then primary targets will be destroyed and the attack itself will nearly be over.

Contrary to this is the major concern of Japanese detection as they move across the Pacific basin before they are able to reach their targeted position. Much thought has been put into this prospect and we have therefore decided upon a route that will avoid all major shipping pathways. If we are detected lealer than expected the U. S forces will be awaiting us and the result will be a bloodbath on our side. This will not happen. Have no doubt they are severely disadvantaged. Kikuyu WA charka Nair once said “Don’t give up. Just continuing to hold on will yield/reveal strength and power.

Continuing on after a setback is its own kind of strength. Perseverance is power. ” Today we face the biggest challenge in our history. Many of you will be daunted by such a task, however reassure you through God’s will and our persistence we will not lose. The Americans are weak, they do not want to engage in conflicts of foreign countries and yet they think they have a right to dictate a war which they have no part in. They are scared. They don’t know what it feels like to constantly struggle, as they have lived in comfort their whole lives. It has made them weak.

Instead of fighting man-to-man they hide behind their machines and drop bombs from a safe distance. We have fought for centuries and it has made us strong. The American’s fight individually and for themselves. We fight with our hearts and for our God and Emperor-to the last breath. Our Emperor is depending on us, God is with us, we will not fail. You must believe in your hearts that we will win. Have confidence and remember what I have said before- “The fiercest serpent may be overcome by a swarm of ants. ” We will defeat the tiger! We will be victorious!

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