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The Middle Ages consisted of three stages early medieval Europe, high medieval Europe, and late medieval Europe. The early medieval stage of Europe is often classified as the age of Christianity and faith. High medieval Europe is often associated with Feudalism. Late medieval Europe is unfortunately remembered as a time of war, death, crusades, and disease. The labels the Dark Ages, Feudalism and the Age of Faith best describe the era of the Middle Ages. During the Middle Ages Christianity flourished and people all over Europe started to convert. They wanted to spread peace, and stop murder, arson, robbery and assault. Doc 5) The Catholic church and Pope had great power during this time they practically were the government. The Catholic Church devised a court of people known as the Inquisition whose jobs were to punish those who were accused of heretics. The pope also called for the crusades he offered to forgive the sins of anyone who joined a crusade. (Doc. 9) The great size of the Gothic cathedral greatly depicted the power of the Catholic Church during this time. (Doc. 10) The people who showed the greatest devotion to the church and God were the monks they renounced their friends and family, and took vows of purity, chastity and poverty. Doc. 8) Feudalism was very popular in the Middle Ages. Feudalism was when land owning nobles became independent of kings and princes. The classes of feudalism defined the classes of the Middle Ages these classes include, lords, vassals, fiefs, manors, and serfs. The feudal obligations between a lord and his vassal were simple. The lord provided the vassal with land and protection and the vassal provided the lord with military service and ransom. (Doc. 4) For example “I, John of Toul. Make known that I am the liegeman of the count and countess of Champagne… I will aid the count. (Doc. 2) The title the Dark ages is an appropriate title for the Middle Ages for many reasons. During the middle ages Europe was under constant attack by Barbarians which made conditions hard. (Doc. 1) “In this year there was a great slaughter in London and Quentavic and in Rochester. “(Doc. 3) They also suffered from a lack of government and lack of trade. There biggest down fall was the Black Plague which was a tragic disease that effected most of Europe and caused people to loose faith in god. Christians were also often persecuted and given the death penalty.

It was also the era of the world’s longest war the Hundred Years’ War. The Dark Ages was a period full of war, death, and chaos. The Middle Ages was an era full of war, chaos, faith, and Feudalism. During the Middle Ages Europe experienced countless tragedies such as the black plague. This was also a time when people started turning towards god and the church for help and guidance. When people think back and reminisce on the Middle Ages it is almost impossible for them not to think of Feudalism. For these reasons, the labels the Dark Ages, Feudalism and the Age of Faith best describe the era of the Middle Ages.

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