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When he failed, he moved on in an attempt to become a circuit court judge as a Republican party candidate. He succeeded and in 1 939 and became the youngest circuit judge in state history. He joined the United States Marine Corps, volunteering during World War II, to help further his political career He was commissioned as an officer and eventually left the Marines with the rank of captain. McCarthy claimed big military accomplishments, but they consisted of so much exaggeration that they could even be considered lies. All of this was in order to benefit his status and reputation, along with his career.

Joseph McCarthy was driven by personal insecurities as much as by political gain. McCarthy was so powerful because the public was so frightened by the supposed (and real) threat Of communists undermining US security that they supported anyone who seemed to be fighting it and many different agencies and individuals took part in McCarthy-related operations. He had a powerful position to speak from in the US Senate. He had powerful friends like two Presidents that were afraid of his power because he had so much support from the people.

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At that mime the Ignited States was concerned that the Soviet communists were infiltrating notes little countries, but the United States itself. No one stood up to McCarthy when he first started. McCarthy intentions were good before the worst of his anticommunist campaign. He acted in good faith against what he truly believed was a malicious communist conspiracy within the government. But he started to make false accusations and claims completely disregarding the people and their constitutional rights.

Government employees, the entertainment industry, educators, and union activists were the primary targets of McCarthy. Time after time McCarthy began to make false accusations and claims, disregarding the people and their constitutional rights. He wanted to make the communists know to the public so he televised the trials that degraded and humiliated these defendants. He ruined thousands of people’s lives in his quest for fame and notice. Americans praised him at first for being so brave but once they saw the consequences of what he was doing to these people they changed their views of him.

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