McCarthyism and the Salem Witch Trials Assignment

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He gave several speeches in order to get people on his side and raise money. He was doing all these corrupt things just to ensure his spot in the reelection for Senator. McCarthy was an American politician who served as a Republican U. S. Senate r from the state of Wisconsin. He was noted for making claims that there were large numbers of Communists and Soviet spies inside the United States federal government. He would accuse cit sense for being communists to make sure he got reelected. Patrick Tamarack Coulter Lily, Madison ) 2. What is McCarthy? Discuss the factors which, contributed

Mysticisms is based on a Republican senator John McCarthy, who tried to u uncover government actions. The Senate Subcommittee did not like these actions against them and SST rated to hold the McCarthy hearings. McCarthy is the act of exposing actions within the government without pr proper evidence. It is considered a form of treason. It is based on the actions of Wisconsin senator J Joseph McCarthy. He stated that the American government was being influenced by communism McCarthy is making false accusations and not having good evidence. The word dates back to the second red scare when people became more afraid of communism.

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Lily McCarthy is a political tactic accusing people Of entertainment or treason. J Joseph McCarthy started the idea in the asses. Gaillardia 3. (Kylie L. , Alex What is the second Red Scare? The second red scare happened after WI. It was also known as “McCarthy” after its most popular supporter, Senator Jog seep McCarthy. McCarthy leveled charges against the government, the media, academics, polio tactical enemies, and all challengers. He claimed that he had proof of gob. Officials sympathetic tow art the communist party. McCarthy really had joined anticommunism to enhance his famous car ere.

Everyone was n fear of McCarthy including President Eisenhower until he proved he was lie Eng by taking on the Army on TV and humiliating himself in front of millions of viewers in 1954 Dour inning his rein anyone who challenged him was considered to be communist. The second Red scare was an unexpectedly caused by the fall of china and the e soviet atomic bomb in 1949. The Americans put the blame on the government for their use of spies. Senator McCarthy used the House Americana Activities Committee to level charges a against the media, the government, academics, political enemies and all challengers.

He was know win for showing off papers in front of cameras and claiming to have ‘lists” of government officials sympathetic to the Communist party, when really that wasn’t the case. McCarthy had seized on a anticommunism to enhance his mediocre political career. Anyone against him at this time was co inspired a communist, and anyone looking for communist was suspected of McCarthy (Katie Allyson) The Red Scare began in the lateness’s and the early 1 sass. It began b cause a threat from the Communist in the U. S. The Communist where referred as the ‘Reds’ because of their flag, so that’s were the name Red Scare was developed from.

When did it happen? (Ray, Will Bryce How long did it last (discuss how/ why it began and how/ why it ended)? The second red scare began in 1 947 after WI and ended in 1957. It began because Poe plea were afraid that communists would take over the government. The Armchairs hearings lasted approximately one year and some change. The entire length of McCarthy crazed antiques asset about 4 years total. Everything started when he accused the Nations prestige as being com monists. Also, when he backlashes the US Army. Everything ended during the trial between the I-JNI tied States Army versus John McCarthy. Bryce)(Austin S, Lance, Each. ) Discuss the events of the car e. Federal employees were questioned and reviewed to determine whether they were 10 Yale enough to the government McCarthy accused anyone who didn’t agree with his view political Ill, which cost many people their jobs and reputations. The House of Seminarian Activities C omitted investigated allegations of people they thought were in support of Communism m by their actions and were considered traitors in the government. Congress passed the Taffeta tell Elaborateness Relations Act over President Trauma’s veto, which severer y limited the rights of organized labor.

Many rights to free speech and other civil rights were rest acted. The Red Scare of 1919 occurred at a time when the American people felt three attend by the rising tide of Communism in Russia, widespread labor unrest, and the often bizarre forms of Anarchism and Narcissistically that were supported by some recent immigrants fro m Southern and Eastern Europe. The Scare itself was caused by the revelation in April of that year that a militia NT Communist group existed in the United States, and that it was plotting to send mail bombs to a number of prominent figures in the government. The red scare happened after World War II.

It is also know as McCarthy. D ring this time of Cold War everyone was afraid of communist spy’s in America. So the governs .NET started looking into people’s past to see if they could be communists of to see if they are pop only communistic. Then they would black list you this is where you are basically excommunicated f room America you can’t get a job, your nabobs won’t talk to you. Everyone thinks your the worst person in the world. But really the belief of a communal system docent make you a bad person it’s just a way of life. To sum it all up people were being accused and falsely accused of being com monist spy’s. Once sanders (Whit, Datum What was the Hollywood blacklist? The Hollywood Blacklist started in the sass’s and stayed throughout the early sass’s. “Hollywood Blacklist” was what Hollywood entertainers were called by the House Committee on activities that questioned their loyalty to their country. They also were questioned on being communists. The Hollywood Blacklist was the term used for Hollywood entertainment professionals that were questioned by the House Committee on Americana Activities. The people were under suspicion because the U. S. Government thought that their work was tied to communism (Grace, Wallace Who was affected by it?

Screenwriters, erectors, producers, composers, actors and dancers and singers, poets, play wrights and writers were all affected by the Hollywood blacklist. Sam and Armband ) What were the effects of the list on the industry and on the country as a whole? The effect the list had on the industry is it caused many people to loose their jobs and live Ellwood . It even caused some people to be put in prison . The list turned a lot of people e against those high figure even though they were innocent . (ARMBAND) 5. (Danville, Maggie What is fascism? When the government likes to control everything and doesn’t want the people to have any rights.

It is usually a philosophy, move NT, or regime. Fascism is an authoritarian government that is “righting. I’ (Erin, Brooke What role did it play in the Red Scare? When McCarty first started to call out communists and such, the government NT didn’t want to think he was wrong. The government believed in something that t only one man said and enforced searches for anyone who was a so called communist to McCarty why. McCarthy didn’t want anyone to be different, neither did the government. ( Bobbie Victoria Divine Thomas, Hannah ) 6. What is the Cold War? Discuss the causes of it. The cold war was a war that took place in?

A military rivalry. The war is between two nations but it is not a fully complete war. It is just short of all out fighting. The US wanted f ere trade and the Soviet Union wanted to shield international commerce. It started in Germany. VIC: the cold war is a state of political tension and military rivalry between anti ions that stops short of falsely war, especially that which existed between the United States and S Viet Union following World War II. The war took place in Germany. Divine: The Cold War was a conflict that happened between the U. S and the So Viet Union. This war wasn’t a war that was fought with weapons.

This war lasted for more that four decades. The main reason of this war was because there was a disagreement between these e two nations. The soviet union signed a nonaggression act with Germany in 1 939 that angered t he Americans. The U. S refused to extend the formal diplomatic recognition to the new communion SST nation. So the U. S went at the soviet union. Thomas: The Cold War was the most important diplomatic and political dispute e that occurred in the second half of the 20th century. It began in 1947 and came to a close in 1 991. The two main enemies were the United States and the Soviet Union, later the USSR.

It was n to what we would consider a war today. The Cold War got its name because both sides were far aid to fight directly with one another, thus the name “cold war”. By out definition, a typical war is a ‘hot war” directly fought between 2 countries with guns and actual weapons. The war was cause De mainly by fear and dislike between the countries. The US refused to share nuclear secrets WI the the USSR, which made the USSR very unhappy, and the USSR wanted to spread communism a round the world, which made the US very unhappy. These are just a couple reasons that the w AR ignited, but they were 2 very big issues, among smaller ones.

The Cold War never actually “hap ended” physically, it was really just a series of threats between the nations. Bobbie: The Cold War is what people called the relationship between America a ND the Soviet Union after World War 2. It lasted from the late asses to the early 1 sass. TWA s not actually a real war, just a political rivalry. Some of the issues involved were trade, capitalism, and communism. Peyote Caleb Annie Than n ) What is the Manhattan Projects In 1 938, many people feared that Hitler would build an atomic bomb after word spread that a German ice NTIS had split the uranium atom.

Hitter’s mistakes in the making of the bomb, was his persecute on of Jewish scientists. This persecution resulted in numerous scientists seeking protection in the United States. One of theses scientists was Albert Einstein. Einstein urged President F rankling Roosevelt to develop an atomic bomb before Hitler developed one. Eventually Roosevelt agreed and the United States attempt at building the atomic bomb was codenamed The Manhattan Project Early in 1939, most of the scientist all over the world was fear of German ice NTIS because they knew the secrets of splitting a uranium bomb.

Many scientists escaped the An Uzi persecution of Hitler, and Albert Einstein is one of those who fled the persecution and move to America. Then he wrote a letter for President Roosevelt to urge the progress of making atom ICC bomb, but the President agreed the program slowly until 1941, the American built an Atomic bomb and they codename the project is The Manhattan project In 1 938, a German scientist split the Uranium atom. After he did so, many people feared that Hitler would use this to create an atom bomb. Hitler made crucial mistakes, h forever, in the making of the bomb.

The most important was his persecution of the Jewish SC entities. This encouraged many scientists to move to the United States. One of these scientist sits was Albert Einstein. Einstein went to President Roosevelt and told him that he needed to develop an atomic bomb before Hitler. The Manhattan Project was the codename given to this at tempt at making the atom bomb. M ax Amy Beth AS Who were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are husband and wife who were accused in the 1 ass’s for participating in a . Mom monist spy ring. ” They were both also a member of the Communist Party USA. They had many people saying they were guilty but many saying they are not guilty but in the sass’s they discover De papers that proved that the Rosenberg were spies for Soviet Communists during the Cool War-Ethel and Julius Rosebuds were executed June 19th, 1953. Max Morgan Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were one of the unfortunate couples to be accused of being involved with the communist spy ring in the early sass’s.

They were sac used because the American government believed that they were tying to leek information of the e atomic bomb to the Russians and then it made them more suspicious when they were also me beers of the communist party. ( I didn’t know how to change colors) A. J. Journalistic and Ethel Rosenberg were a married couple that was accuse d of stealing the atomic bomb for the soviets by the American government. The reason that the eye were caught though was because the brothering of the Rosenberg testified against the m in order to protect his family.

They Rosenberg were later executed because they did not state their political views on the stand. Austin T Derby Matt W Nikkei ) Who is J. Edgar Hoover? What role did he play in the Red Scare and in the McCarthy hearings? J. Edgar Hoover was the first director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the FBI; during the Red Scare, with the sponsorship of A. M itchier Palmer, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was created with Hoover as its head. Under H proves leadership, overall federal agents broke into the homes of suspected anarchists without permission, and held about 5,000 citizens without giving them legal council.

Hoover also compiled a list of aliens living in the U. S. For deportation proceedings. During the McCarthy hearings, Hove r was greatly disturbed by Seen. McCarthy recklessness when it came to accusations about communism; McCarthy also produced a copy of a memo he claimed Hoover wrote and sent to Alexander R. Boiling, warning of subversives in the Army Signal Corps. Hoover examined the e document and said he neither wrote nor sent the letter, which rendered McCarthy accusative ins moot. Red Scare, J. Edgar Hoover was head of the FBI.

Federal Agents working for Ho over had nearly 5,000 people arrested without legal rights presented before them. Hoover is a Iso known for having many illegal aliens deported from the US during that time. During the McCarthy Hearings, Joseph McCarthy accused Hoover of sending a letter warning Alexander R. Boll ling of subversives in the Army Signal Corps. Hoover also thought McCarthy accused ions about communism showed his carelessness of thought. Hoover denied writing and sending such letters of warning. In the us during the red scare, the director of the FBI which is j. Edgar Hoover.

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