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I am very thankful that a lot has changed since King’s speech. It was so powerful, and without it, we would not be the nation that we are today. Martin Luther King Jar. Changed a lot for our country, such as giving blacks equal rights and helping people realize that you can Judge a person by the color of their skin, but there are still some things that need to be done to fulfill King’s dream. In the south around the sass, segregation separated the whites from the blacks. Black people were treated horribly during that time. Slavery had ended, but the racial coordination did not.

They even had different laws than white people called Jim Crower Laws. Black people couldn’t vote, eat in the same restaurants as white people, drink out of the same water fountains, watch movies In the same theaters, play In the same parks. Or go to the same schools as whites” (“Jim Crower Laws”). Martin Luther King envisioned a world without prejudice and hatred. He dreamed that we could all one day live in peace and harmony with each other. He wanted equal rights for everyone and to put an end to racism. Martin Luther King’s Speech changed a lot for this country.

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It took a little time, but eventually they were able to vote. Segregation In schools was not allowed. “It showed the country that people of all races and background were coming together to support civil rights and equality and that these goals could be advanced without resorting to violence” (l Have A Dream, Martin Luther King’s Greatest Speech). Race was not an issue now on how people were being treated. His speech changed the world, and he became a national hero. Martin Luther King was greatly responsible for the passing of the Civil Rights

Act and the Voting Rights Act for African Americans. Both of these acts literally changed American law so that African Americans could not be treated separately from whites. These are some examples of how his violin changed the lives of many. Unfortunately, the world today still falls short of racial equality in some ways. There are still people that believe in segregation and that certain groups of people should be treated differently than others. I think that is extremely wrong and I believe that everyone was created equal. Racism is still exists in our world today and it’s a Orrville thing.

Some people will never change, but we still have hope for the future that one day racism will be put too complete end. Its not Just found between white people. People should not be Judged by their ethnicity, and everyone should be treated equally. I believe that racial segregation should be put to a complete stop, not just in our country but all around the world. Martin Luther King Jar. Changed our world for the better.

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